Happy Birthday, Kajsa!

25 07 2012

still 4, last night.

The almost-14 year old

Kajsa’s “5” on the mirror

Annie (my sister) and I had fun working on the cake today.

Last night she was 4… today she’s 5. It’s so simple, and yet so hard to believe at the same time. She had a fun day, as did we.

Last night after Kajsa fell asleep, I did a little decorating, including this polka-dot number 5 on the hall mirror. It was so fun to watch her today. Tonight she asked me “Are we going to leave my number 5 on the mirror forever?”

Probably not, I answered.. but I’m glad you like it.

Last week I bought the game “Trouble” at a thrift store. Awesome deal, unopened game… gotta love that.

Kajsa loves the game.

And we’ve played it almost every day, sometimes several times a day. So when I was stumped on what to make for Kajsa’s cake, I settled on the board game “Trouble”.

It was loads of fun,  and sometimes challenging. ..  And yes, I realize that the pop-bubble has a distinct letter “M” on it. (It was the best thing we had, and we only had that because Jim sacrificed for the cause, and bought a sundae today. Thank you, Jim.) …..

“Trouble” game cake.

And thanks, Fred, for taking the last picture here.. of Kajsa with her cake.

Happy Birthday, Kajsa!  (photo by Fred)