I couldn’t make this up.

30 08 2012

Last week we were in Minnesota visiting Jim’s parents. Maybe because we had been to the Minnesota State Fair the previous day (seeing lots of cows), maybe just because Kajsa’s 5, and has a super-active mind…. whatever the reason, here’s a conversation that took place between Kajsa and me:

Kajsa: Mommy, if you were a cow, where would you want to be milked?

Me: What?!

Kajsa: If you were a COW!!!!! WHERE would you want to be MILKED?

Me: Vermont.

Kajsa: (Sighing). NO! Not what country! (note: yes, we’re working on the difference between states and countries.) Where, like, on your BODY?! like.. your tail? your elbows? your ears? your eyeballs?!!!

Me: eyelashes.

Kajsa: Ok.. Daddy, if You were a cow……




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