Lent 1: Yield.

13 02 2013

Ash Wednesday. The word for the day is “yield”, as in… yielding our lives to God. Yielding the things/situations/people/etc that we hold onto… that divert us away from God. And yield them instead TO God, giving them up. In other words, our sin.


Lent 1: Yield

I don’t mind yielding when I’m driving. Usually. The alternative would often be to get in an accident. So that’s a fairly easy decision. But the decision isn’t so easy in daily life, outside of the obvious-consequences-decisions. So yielding is a bit harder. To not yield some things to God seems so harmless… a little here, a little there… it’s not really a huge deal, is it?

Maybe not. But whether or not it’s a big deal isn’t the point. The point is, am I living my life in a way that is faithful to my God, yielding my will and self and life to God… Hard as it might be, at times, to yield my day, my time, my chaotic schedule, my free time, my attitudes towards certain things, my etc… hard as it might be… I think it’s worth the effort.




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