Lent 7: glitz and glamour

20 02 2013

Once again, I tried to post last night, and it just didn’t work. Only this time it was my brain not working, not the website. So here’s yesterday’s photo: “glitz and glamour”. I took it during the day, as I was thinking about the devil’s second temptation to Jesus: worship me, and you can have all these kingdoms of the world…  the devil didn’t actually say, at least not according to the translations I’ve read, “glitz and glamour”. My words. But in the TNIV, he said,  ” authority and splendor”. The devil led Jesus to a high place, showed him all the kingdoms… and then offered them all to Jesus in exchange for Jesus worshiping him, the devil. Lent 7: glitz and glamour

Authority and splendor, glitz and glamour…. whatever we call it, it’s settling for earthly power and praise, in exchange for worshiping someone or something instead of God.

So, the question is, what things/people/situations draw us away from worshiping God, and worshiping something or someone else? I don’t mean on Sunday mornings, or in our regular Christian worship services… though if that’s an issue, one could certainly reflect on that. I mean the daily living stuff–how do our lives reflect our God-worship? And do they need to be a little less earthly glitz and glamour, and a little more God-power?





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