Lent 27: Detour

11 03 2013

Detours. Some are great, and actually enhance a journey. Others aren’t so great, and prolong the journey.Some are circumstantial; others are chosen by us, or by our actions/inaction. Lent 27: Detour

Lent 26: prodigal dog

11 03 2013

Last night, Kajsa, Jim and I watched “Lady and the Tramp”, the 1955 version. I had never seen it, amazingly. I thought I had, but apparently I had just learned a song (“We are Siamese if you pleeease…”), and seen a clip here and there–such as the spaghetti noodle clip. Thinking I’d seen the movie and seeing the movie are two different things. Lent 26: prodigal dog

Though it is a stretch, I did find myself thinking about the prodigal son from this morning’s Luke 15 gospel text, and “Tramp”, the dog who is a free spirit, not wanting to be tied down to anyone or anything…. and yet has incredibly redeeming characteristics.

A different kind of prodigal.