About me

I’m Cathy Stanley-Erickson: mom, wife,  friend, daughter, human-to-Abby-the-d0g, and a pastor. Life is full, and mostly good. I love being with family and friends, traveling–but also love staying home, dancing to Veggie Tales with my daughter, a good cup of coffee (with cream), photography, and movies.

I live in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, where Jim and I co-pastor Christ Covenant Church.

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5 06 2007
Greg Du Bois

Hey Kathy,
Jim put me onto your blog! Now I am reading your life. Thanks for sharing. So where do you get a trinity lego set? Looks kind of like two from star wars and one from a pirate set? Or does the lego company really market the trinity?

5 06 2007

Hey Greg!
Nice to hear from you! How’s Kathy? Please greet her for me.
yes, the Trinity Lego! Friends bought that for us.. I think they got it from “Ship of Fools”… website. It’s kind of a “Jesus Junk” place.. Fun.


26 06 2007

Hi Cathy,
I followed the link to you from Stacey’s blog; I enjoy your writing. I am a worship pastor in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, dog lover and Lost & Found fan. I also grew up in Wisconsin; I spent 7 years of my youth in Sun Prairie. I agree that Madison is a great town. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts…and I, too, got a kick out of the Lego Trinity~

3 06 2008

Hi Cathy!

So I found your blog– I’ll be sure to check it while your gone. I s’pose I could check it while you’re in town too…

Thanks for lunch today; it’s healing to talk about that stuff, eventhough it makes me angry. I appreciate your listening skills!

Can’t wait to get underway with our little bookclub. ; )

Talk to you soon!

3 06 2008

P.S. I have one now too– howiejane89

29 06 2008
Dave Potts

Hi – I just found your blog….. I think of you guys on many occasions. I am so pleased for you and your new addition. I wish you well.

20 08 2008
Lara White


Came across your blogs when I googled you. In the small world catgory, I am now living in Windsor, CT and in the spring, ran into Mary Beth (from Townshend) and found out we are now neighbors! So glad to read about your life and events. I too, struggled with infertility for 5 years, but am now the very happy mama to our biy Primo is will be turning 1 in September. I belive that my struggles has allowed me to be a better mother-in that I have much more patience and appreciation for my little guy. I hope your parents are well-still in west Townshend? Anyway, keep in touch,


24 01 2009
James ibardaloza

Hi Cathy
My name is James and I was a good friend of jim’s back when we worked at Fondue Stube. If you can pass this info to Jim…Bob is currently in the hospital and very sick; I was with him the other day with Carol. If there is any way he can either contact me (7737100985) or the Stube (7737842200) that would be great. I’m sure bob would love to hear from you guys. Please keep him in your prayers, that HE will comfort him and turn to HIM to accept the blessings of HIS grace. Btw, is that the pix of the child you adopted?? Congratulations
Thank you
(Phil 4:13)

1 08 2009

Kathy — somehow ended up on your site via Sandy’s site. Posted a comment thinking it was going to her. Loved all your Alaska photos! Karen M

19 09 2011
Harvey Scribner

Hi Cathy,

Harvey here. Just wanted to get an email to sign up for the GOLF Outing next week.


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