for a recent photo of Kajsa,

29 10 2008

go to Steve’s blog.

I simply can’t keep up. I can’t keep up with all the photos I’m taking… or the thoughts I want to blog… or the stories about Kajsa I want to write about… or my emotions over Entropy moving back to Alaska after two years with us… or how great it was to be at Covenant Harbor for the Central Conference Ministers’ Retreat… or how fun it was to share Kajsa with colleagues at the Retreat… or how meaningful it was to have colleagues publicly thank God for the answer to prayer that Kajsa is… or did I mention how much we miss Entropy?… or the house… or how great the speakers were at Retreat… or organizing thoughts in my mind not to mention as they come out of my mouth, lately… or… anything else, quite frankly.

I don’t mean to complain, or say, “Woe is me… my life is so much busier than anybody else’s.” Not at all. I think much of the world feels overwhelmed and behind and tired and etc… I’m merely stating the obvious reality of my life right now.

So, thanks, Steve, for posting the photo, so I don’t have upload one right now!

Grace, Take 2

12 03 2008

I miss my favorite mug… no doubt. The mug I took a photo of and titled the photo “Grace”, because I thought it had been spared in an unfortunate fall off a coffee table. Then I blogged about how it wasn’t grace after all, because the mug ended up being broken Sigh.

Well, yesterday my friend Steve surprised me by having other district clergy bring a mug to district meeting… so now I have three new mugs! And a box of kleenex for the next time–may it never happen–I break a mug. 100_0763_2-mugs.jpgNot only that, but the box of kleenex actually matches one of the mugs. Another mug has Zion Church’s phone number (which is great, because now I can call Steve and Andy anytime I want!). And the other mug has a nice photo of a church in the UP.

Thank you, Steve.. thank you, District Clergy. You gave me a glimpse of grace, humor, laughter, and some joy.

So now I’ll end with the nice platitudes that Jeremy wrote, accompanying the condolence/sympathy card (including an adaptation of Psalm 70) he made:

“Sending you love and support in this difficult time.

We pray in earnest that you have overcome the grief caused by the loss of your favorite coffee mug.

Please try to remember that it was for the best.”

Thanks, District!

Promised Pictures

16 08 2007

A couple of weeks ago, our District Clergy (We’re the “Badger District + Dwight”) gathered at Miller Park for the Brewer’s Game… Lots of fun.. Here are some photos.



Of interns, Cubs, rabbits, etc.

14 06 2007

It’s been hot. I shouldn’t complain, because some places are hotter than this, but it’s been hot enough that each day we shut the house up (shut windows, pull the shades) and hang out downstairs. We’re fortunate to have a downstairs to hang out in, though.

Our seminary intern , Jen, arrived last week. She’s here for the summer, to get pastoral intern experience. It should be a good, and busy, summer. Lots going on. Being in a small church is such a great experience, yet also a bit confusing at times, because one’s schedule is so random. Church is excited for her time here, and we are too.

Monday we went to the Cubs/Astros game with Jen and Charlie, a guy from church. Such a blast! First of all, the Cubs won (yeah!), second, Carlos Zambrano hit a home run… a pitcher!, and third, we got an autograph! Charlie really wanted to have a baseball signed, so we stood around waiting… Cesar Izturis walked by, but we didn’t recognize him, so missed him… 100_5722.jpgbut then we were mistakenly told that Felix Pie was there… we were so excited, because Felix is my new Cubs man. (don’t worry: Jim knows about this. Every year I have at least one Cubs “man”.. who I like to follow.) But, it turned out to be Carlos Marmol. But hey, not everyone gets their Cubs ticket signed by relief pitcher Carlos Marmol! Then Charlie saw someone else across the way, and got an autograph from Ted Lilly. He was really happy when he found out Ted Lilly was the one kicked out of the Atlanta game because he hit Renteria with a pitch.

Tuesday was our monthly district meeting. For those who don’t know, a “district” in this context is a group of Covenant clergy within a certain geographical area. Our district is Wisconsin (part of WI) and Libertyville, IL.. so we call ourselves “The Badger District + Dwight”. (Dwight is pastor of Libertyville.) It’s the best district…. really. Normally we meet in Milwaukee and share, eat, pray. Summer is a bit more casual. On Tuesday we met at Covenant Harbor, and after a delicious lunch at GBC, we went on the pontoon boat.

As hot as it’s been, evenings have cooled down a bit. Enough that the other night, several friends were over for a hot tub party. Hanging out in the hot tub, talking family, seminary, theology, monasteries, dogs…. it’s moments like these that I’m so glad we have a hot tub, and even more thankful for friends.

Those who have read my old blog might remember last year’s accounts of baby rabbits…(scroll down to read the rabbit accounts). This year I’ve been hoping and hoping that adult rabbits are wise enough to recognize trouble in the form of TWO big dogs. No such luck. Abby found a nest on Monday, and between the two dogs, all four babies are gone. The dogs don’t eat them, fortunately, they seem to just want to play. Still, sad…

My brother, sister-in-law and their two girls arrived late last night. They live in Taiwan, so we don’t see them often. So far Abby has let them sleep, and hasn’t barked too much down the stairs, though she is keeping a close watch on the stairway, in case they wake up soon.