a sign, please!

10 12 2010

John the Baptist reappears in this Sunday’s Gospel text, from Matthew 11. This time, John’s in prison, has heard about what the Messiah is doing, and sends someone to ask Jesus, “Are you the one, or should we keep waiting…?” From our viewpoint, knowing what we do about Jesus and John both, this seems a bit strange. Wasn’t John the one who was so in tune with God’s Spirit? Was he confused? Having a “senior moment”? Doubting, since he was trapped, in jail…? Wanting his disciples to seek the answer for themselves?

If I were him, I’d want a sign. A big, clear, neon sign (all the lights working, by the way…), with a big neon arrow, pointing to Jesus, saying,  “This is, 100%-guaranteed, God’s Son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ!”

I’m not sure what John’s thoughts were, when sending someone to ask Jesus for clarification. And if I once knew, I have forgotten. But I sympathize with John the Baptist, an obvious “let’s get to work” kind of guy, who was stuck in jail. Hearing reports, perhaps… wondering… lots of time to think and let your mind wander. It’s like those familiar seasons of waiting. And even if we might KNOW what is true and we might know that God’s promises are true, at times we still want a sign.

The other day Jim, Kajsa, Abby and I took our walk down to the baseball field below our church. Jim found this baseball… a sign of a season gone by, and a season to come.


Except for a forgotten base, now partially covered with sand, there is little sign of a current baseball season. But the baseball, found on the frozen ground beyond the field, reminds us of a season to come.

Often I feel as though the only “signs” we get from God are like the found baseball. Initially there’s an excitement at the find.. oooh, look! a baseball! Then the reality that the season is over…and the next promised season is not yet here. Completely.

Someday, God might shock me and give me a clear neon sign, complete with an arrow pointing to the direction I need–or think I need. In the meantime, I’ll find hope in the signs of God’s kingdom, God’s presence, God’s light in this season: the people of God bringing about God’s kingdom here and now, in our daily lives.

new pictures…

27 06 2010

Steve, I was going to write a nice long blog post, or maybe just a nice succinct one… about who-knows-what? But that will have to wait until next week.. or the next one…

In the meantime, here are some more pictures..

More pictures

26 04 2010

hockey, hockey, and more hockey.. Kajsa loves hockey.

little gardener

little artist... enjoying the spring day

Snow Angels... not grass angels, but snow angels. She thinks snow angels are hysterical in the grass.

the fine spring day

I Love Baseball, I love pink... I love my new rain boots...!

a little vocabulary

21 05 2009
her "baba".

"baba"= baby

"ou-dide".. and the tantrum when we go inside...

"ou-dide, ou-dide..." and the tantrum when we go inside...

"O-da-da"... = "Go, Cubs, Go.."

"O-da-da"... = "Go, Cubs, Go.."

a-wa (more or less) = water

a-wa (more or less) = water

uh-oh.... which Kajsa thinks is to be said when she does anything intentionally, as well...

"uh-oh".... which Kajsa thinks is to be said when she does anything intentionally, as well...

"up-uck"= look up, duck! (said when we're washing her hair.. because she washed the rubber duckie's hair once, and we had just told her to look up... so she told the duck the same thing.

"up-uck"= look up, duck! (when we wash her hair, we tell her to "look up" so she won't get soap in her eyes.. then she sometimes washes the rubber duckie's "hair" and tells it to "up-uck".

Baseball cards, smiles, puppies & books

22 01 2009







Wrigley Field

10 08 2008

Kajsa’s now been to two baseball games, both of them Cubs games. Last week we went to Wrigley Field, for her first Cubs game there, and had a great time. The sun was super hot for the first few innings, burning down right on us, but once we cooled down it was great.

It was great even when it was hot, but of course more enjoyable when we weren’t sweating bullets. I took her out for a walk in the stadium, to get in the shade a little bit, and get some cold water.

The Cubbies won. That is always a plus. And Kajsa’s enthusiasm for the game is a plus as well. She claps whenever she hears clapping (almost whenever, at least). And she still seems to confuse booing with the need to clap, so even when Houston scored and Cub fans booed, Kajsa clapped. Fortunately we had friendly fans near us, and fortunately she’s not a loud clapper yet.

Go, Cubs, Go!

Take me out to the Ballgame…

30 07 2008

even if it’s not Wrigley Field. Yesterday was Kajsa’s first baseball game. At Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers). I do love Miller Park, even though I’m more of a Cubs fan. I love the stadium, the family-friendly atmosphere, the sausage races… So, if one can’t be at Wrigley, the next best thing might be Miller Park. Anyhow, Kajsa mostly had a blast at the game. She was a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, but once she warmed up, she clapped. A lot.

Her Aunt Sue, Uncle Bill and cousins gave her this adorable pink Cubs outfit. I bought the shoes last week, but they’re too big. So we just left them on for a photo op. (she takes them off, even when they’re double-knotted.)