The pigeon has several stages… Happy Halloween!

31 10 2013

Kajsa wanted to be the pigeon this year for Halloween–that is, “the” pigeon of Mo Willems’ books, namely, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. She loves the Willems books. And the pigeon. As do I. They’re quite fun.

Our little pigeon had three stages, thanks to three opportunities to wear the costume–Chinese school, Elementary School parade, and trick-or-treating tonight. Whatever the stage, it was a fun Halloween!

Pigeon #2, fabric wings. School parade.

Pigeon #2, fabric wings. School parade.

(different beak, smaller tail, more comfy velcro on the hood)

(different beak, smaller tail, more comfy velcro on the hood)


100th Day & Amelia

24 02 2013

Some pictures to catch you up on two fun things Kajsa did this week:

First, at school this past week, the Kindergarten classes celebrated the 100th day of school.

family project

(This might be a school-wide celebration, I’m not sure.) The kids were each asked to create a project somehow representing the number 100. Kajsa, Jim and I thought up lots of ideas, and finally settled on a photo project–I sent a photo to be made into a poster. A photo of Kajsa’s class, on Beach Day, that I had taken. And, obviously, we cut it up into 100 pieces and glued it onto poster board. Fun.

100th Day of School poster

Second, while I was in York yesterday, Jim and Kajsa got to meet Amelia Bedelia. Sort of.. The Harleysville Book Store hosted an Amelia Bedelia birthday party.  Kajsa LOVES the Amelia Bedelia books, as do I.

Herman Parish with Kajsa

I loved them as a kid, and had no idea, until this past summer, that there is a current series of the books, featuring Amelia Bedelia as a kid. Peggy Parish, the original author of the books, died in 1988. But her nephew Herman Parish took over the writing, and attended the book store event yesterday. So Kajsa got to meet him, get a book signed by him, and get a photo with a girl dressed up as Amelia Bedelia.

Kajsa and "Amelia Bedelia"

Day 27: the big question

4 04 2011

the big question

I’ve only read parts of the book, Is God to Blame? (by Greg Boyd), but those parts I’ve read were helpful. Helpful enough that I’m counting on the rest of the book being just as good and helpful.  So I recommend it frequently.

This Sunday’s Gospel text, John 11:1-45–the story of Lazarus, and his sisters. Lazarus dies, his sisters grieve, as does Jesus, Jesus acts a bit weird by not showing up right away, Jesus is blamed for his death, and ultimately, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

This Sunday’s Gospel text is also in John—Chapter 11, verses 1-45. The story of Lazarus. Read through it. It’s long, it’s a bit frustrating at times. It brings up lots of questions. And, Jesus is blamed for a death.

Is God to blame? I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t even know how the book Is God to Blame? answers that question. But what I do know is that God is present when humans suffer. I know that God is present whether or not we are aware of God’s presence.

And, for that, I give thanks tonight.

Define “Success”

25 03 2010

Define “Success”

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

Thurs., March 25th

Today I re-read Psalm 118, and was pleased to read this famous verse: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (118:24) But the next verse surprised me: “Save us, we beseech you, O Lord! O Lord, we beseech you, give us success!”.. Give us success? I’ve always heard, probably because it’s what I wanted to hear, “Save us!”. But the success part?

I’m currently reading “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. There’s a movie, too-I think it came out in 2009. Go here for a synopsis, but suffice it to say that I’m intrigued, half-way through the book as I am, by the different ways that each main character might define “success”. I shouldn’t be, because that’s life, too. That’s humanity. And yet, in the book, at least, people love and care about each other (again, I’m only half-way through).

How do we define success, in our lives? Do we pray for it? If so, what do we expect or hope for? And how would our answered prayers then affect others—both those we know, and those we don’t know?

when the parents are tired..

12 01 2010

and the toddler plays alone… (but we could both hear her, and knew she wasn’t in any danger) she builds a “bridge” with her books. Either a “bridge” or a “train”. She calls it both. She was more than happy to pick the books up and pile them to the side, before bedtime. And this morning, she was thrilled to start rebuilding her bridge/train.

(By the way, she also loves to read books, and have books read to her. Not only use books as building blocks for a bridge/train.)

the little girl who stopped by today

11 03 2009

It must be the jeans. Something about Kajsa today made me feel as though she had grown up into a little girl, instead of the toddler. dsc_0803I’m not in denial of the fact that the terrible twos could be just around the corner. It just seemed, today, that Kajsa had grown up a bit more. It could be that she was talking more, listening more (and less, at times), followed commands, actually tried to say “pleeeez” instead of only signing it…


or, it might be the jeans.

Just so you know,

I did not stage the photo of Kajsa reading to Abby. (yes, that’s Abby’s nose under the book Kajsa’s reading.)

Several times today she brought a book out of the toy area, and I asked her if she wanted to read a book.

Each time she pointed to where Abby was.


And she plopped herself down in front of Abby,

and began turning pages. So dang cute.

The book she is reading to Abby is “Hush”, a Thai lullaby book that her cousin Bennett gave her. It has different animals in it, and of course, we make the animal



The photo of Kajsa with her hand on her nose is her making the elephant noise and motion.

Kajsa loves her moose rocker now.

She used to be a bit afraid of it, and needed help getting up on it. Now she climbs on it by herself, and even gets moving a bit. And she loves posing for the camera–

what a surprise! Actually, she loves posing for the camera–when she feels like it. Sometimes she does not want to smile or pose for the camera! But today was a good camera day.

We all missed Abby

9 02 2009

while at Midwinter. dsc_0298She was at Aunt Sue’s house, and I’m sure she had a blast. But we didn’t realize how much Kajsa missed Abby. When we got home Friday afternoon, she kept hugging Abby, kissing her, and even read books to her. Soooo adorable. Kajsa would sit in front of Abby, trying to fit in between her front paws, skootch (sp?) herself backwards to get as close to Abby as she could, then open the book and start “reading”… flipping pages, and making occasional noises. And, besides “Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, one of Kajsa’s favorite books now is “If you Give a Pig a Pancake”…. so that’s what Abby got to read. Good thing Kajsa’s exposing her to this great literature, because we have neglected to do so. I think the last book I read parts of to Abby was “The Daring Book for Dogs”..

when friends come to visit…

31 01 2009

dsc_0351Kajsa enjoys storytime and play time. Along with Kia, Kathy and Steve’s little dog.

“There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” is one of Kajsa’s favorite books–a Dr. Seuss book that has quickly become one of my favorites! But as much as Kajsa loves this book, it seems as though Kia’s more interested in it. Maybe it was Kia’s first time hearing the story?



Baseball cards, smiles, puppies & books

22 01 2009







photo on a different blog

8 01 2008

A photo of mine is on another blog again. The green blogger “Green Talk” who used my reindeer photo… Check it out. Interesting article, as well.