fun in the sun

9 05 2010

Last weekend we were at Pilgrim Pines in NH for the East Coast Conference Ministerium and Annual Meeting. Kajsa loved the beach at the Pines.. LOVED the beach. She would have been in the water all the way, had we let her! but it was tooooo cold. (the water.. the outside temp was fantastic last weekend!)

playing with Aidan and Beckett's beach toys...

Then we had fun with bubbles and her tricycle last week–before it got cold again, here.

Some funny Kajsa sayings lately:

-looking for something… “hmmm.. where that be? it must be here somewhere!”

-when holding the vacuum cleaner cord while I’m vacuuming, even though I told her to let the cord go because she was holding it too tightly: “mommy, I just hold it…. case you don’t get hurt..”

beach girl

-and nearly everyday, she calls “Dee Dee”.. the other day I heard her talking while holding her pretend phone to her ear, and this is what I heard: “Oh, hi, Dee Dee… it’s me, Kajsa.. Yep. A huh.. yep. Ok.. Oh, (laugh, laugh) that’s SO funny. Oh, you what? You and Oppa? (translation=Entropy)… Oh. Hold on, Dee Dee.. Hold on for minute. I need to go.. Ok. I call you later, OK? bye!”

Kajsa's "click".. "the click with the orange button"


"Mommy, I put my 'elmet on."

my camera’s back!

30 03 2010

my camera’s back!

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I had all intentions of blogging about today’s texts.. the Tuesday of Holy Week. Stuff about the foolishness of the cross..

But then a call came saying that my camera was back from being sent away!

For the second night in a row, Kajsa and I played hockey downstairs. She loves it, she laughs and laughs. But Abby! She wouldn’t stop chasing me down to play ball with her. She kept bringing me her tennis ball, for me to grab and throw for her. (her right cheek in this photo has a bulge from a tennis ball!) It was pretty funny, and pretty annoying, both at the same time.

So I snapped a few photos. And yes, just a few, believe it or not.

Meow!!.. Halloween 2009

1 11 2009

First, a disclaimer: My good camera has been shipped to some location in this country, and is hopefully being fixed sooner than later. In the meantime, I’m using my old trusty Kodak, which apparently is no longer as trusty. So I’ve been quite frustrated. However, Halloween was still fun with a toddler, who loves saying “Meow”.

KajsaHalloween - 1On Friday, we went down to State Street, which had a kids’ trick-or-treating in and out of stores. It was quite nice. Yesterday we went to the mall, which also had trick-or-treating. Fun, but crazy and over-crowded, and a bit scary for Kajsa, but mostly fun.

Kajsa loves the cat costume. She wore it around the house this afternoon and evening as well. It was an easy costume–she had the pants, I bought the shirt, and bought the ears and tail. Easy, fun, successful Halloween.


KajsaHalloween - 4

KajsaHalloween - 5

2 Cats?

Abby and Kajsa

Easter Weekend, Part 1

14 04 2009


A weekend visit from Aunt Jo Ann (Jo Jo).

Lots of photos.

Some cool ones.

A lot of fun dancing, playing, being silly, learning… having fun with Aunt Jo Jo.

Trying to play hockey in the tutu.

As it turns out, there might be a reason that hockey players don’t wear tutu’s. It’s hard to see the “puck” without falling over.




Don’t have camera, still travel.

2 11 2008

Normally it’s “no camera, no travel” with me… but with the Halloween costume for Kajsa (which Jim did put her in, and take photos of.. I’ll post later), and the potential of Kajsa taking her first steps soon.. I thought I’d leave the camera with Jim.

Being in Colorado with no camera is just about more than I can handle. The sunlight on the mountain ranges, the different shades of grey and blue in the distance, the street scenes in Boulder… Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Boulder before and fell in love with it. Sara and I drove there after the meeting yesterday, for dinner, for some window-shopping, and to have a good time. It reminded me a bit of State Street, Madison–only a little more artsy. Pearl Street (I think) was full of people, street shows… mini-playground areas with big boulders for kids to climb on and fun shops. And my favorite–the sing-along under a street lamp. A man playing the keyboard (portable keyboard, clearly), people gathered around singing the songs he was playing.

I wanted to join in. But our parking meter was about up, so we had to keep moving. But I really like the idea of a sing-along under a street lamp somewhere in Madison. Maybe I’ll try to convince someone to start that with me. In other words, I need to find someone to play the portable keyboard and someone else to lead the singing (or the same person). I’ll take the photos.

In the meantime, next time I travel to Colorado, the camera’s hopefully coming with me.