How to wear reindeer antlers

8 12 2010

This is clearly not a devotional reflection about Advent, or upcoming Scripture texts… just a picture.

p.s., our 2009 Christmas Tree

13 12 2009

Those who know me well.. or maybe even a little bit… know how much I love Christmas trees. I love going to CaPaul’s Christmas Tree Farm, visiting the reindeer, picking a tree… bringing it home, and yes, spending hours and hours and hours on the lights. This year, it was obvious that we don’t have the time for that. We hardly have time to keep up with each day. Not to mention Kajsa.

So I reflected on a joke Jim made a couple months ago–that I should make a tree out of a tomato cage. At the time, I said, “Never!” Then Thanksgiving weekend, I mentioned it to Jo Ann.. and we started talking about the possibility… and I decided to do it. And so, voila… our Christmas tree. Our Tomato Cage Christmas Tree.

I love it.

“Re-entry” non-blogging

7 01 2009


just posting photos… Re-entry, ugh. We normally try to schedule in a day after returning from a trip, to adjust…. to unpack in an organized manner. To gather our thoughts before heading back to work, to the world of daily life with all its… reality. But this time we didn’t have that chance, so we’re still catching our breath. You all probably are, too. Re-entry. Ick. Ugh. I think I need a month-long re-entry cushion. Ha ha.

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures. One is at home in Madison…. the rest are in Vermont.






Christmas Eve Day

25 12 2008


Crazy times. Wonderful times. Good memories, these days. Most being photographed. It is very fun to have Kajsa at Christmas time, and her curiosity–about the tree, the lights, the ornaments, the other decor, joy over the music, etc.–is a fun reminder about having fun in this stressful season.

Anyhow, here are some photos from yesterday–Christmas Eve Day.

Merry Christmas, all!