Reindeer sadness

18 12 2007

I found out tonight that one of the reindeer died–one of the reindeer at CaPaul’s Christmas Tree Farm. I’m not sure which died–Holly or Ivy. Nor do I know who’s who in my reindeer photos… all I know is that I absolutely enjoyed petting these guys, and hope the one who is still alive is ok. Apparently they do not do well alone.

I’m very sad.

my photo somewhere else

15 12 2007

Pretty cool. Check it out. Scroll down to the section about houseguests… and there’s one of my reindeer photos.

I might be going to hell…

14 12 2007

if the phrase, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is true. Thankfully, though it may be partially true, I realize there’s more to it than that. But, just for a split second today, I realized that my “good intentions” list has been growing and growing… and my actual productivity level has not been growing in proportion. So, here are some of the many things I fully intended to do this week or last week or last month or even today:

send a Thanksgiving letter

write a Thanksgiving letter

catch up on work I’m behind on (church work)

reply to all those emails that came in that I’ve forgotten about, yet need a response

send a Christmas letter

write a Christmas letter

send Christmas gifts to friends and family

buy Christmas gifts for friends and family

post today’s Advent photo before noon

take today’s Advent photo before noon

respond to hard words rather than react

go to bed earlier than 12:30 am

walk the dogs today

forgive someone hard to forgive

ask for forgiveness

write a letter of appreciation for someone who is leaving his position

clean the house

move the home office downstairs

organize my winter clothes

start our child’s nursery

call friends and family

start sermon early

finish my list of “necessary phone calls” yesterday

Advent devotions today

call youth to see how they’re doing

read a book

read several books

play in the snow with the dogs

blog several times in the past week

read the newspaper

play the geography games online that help me learn world geography

check our adoption paperwork to see if it’s all good (might need to be fingerprinted again… joy)

call my Mom

spend less time on the computer


do my laundry

clean my church office

finish my Guatemala ’06 scrapbook

and many many more things….

ah, well… such is life. Good intentions are great, but now I need to work on some of these items. Thank goodness–no, thank God–for grace.

Today’s photo:Advent 10

11 12 2007

and explanation… This is Advent Photo #10. It’s for Donna, because when we lived in NJ, Donna stopped by one day before Christmas, and I had my Christmas mugs box out… 100_8761_mugs.jpgEvery year I unpack my Christmas mugs, and pack my “rest of the year mugs” in the Christmas mugs box for the season. Donna got nervous, thinking that I was packing to move somewhere… We laughed about that, and still do, each Christmas season. We weren’t moving then… though obviously we did at some point.

So, Donna, this photo is for you!

p.s. Notice the dogs outside the window.. so cute, hey? They love the snow.

Advent Guilt

3 12 2007

I have it every year: Advent guilt. Guilt that I didn’t get my Advent candles and wreath set up… (I know, I still have time); guilt that I’m more excited about my house being decorated and my 1500 white Christmas tree lights than I am about preparing for this Sunday’s sermon; guilt that I love having the secular part of the Christmas season despite efforts to focus, focus, focus.. on the real reason for the season. I’m a pastor-shouldn’t a desire for Advent and all its’ true meanings come naturally?

It’s not that simple, I’ve discovered. Fortunately I have never been one of those people who thinks that by becoming a pastor (I’m an MK=Missionary Kid and a PK=Pastor’s Kid…I know better) this Advent desire comes naturally. But I still hope that each year will be different for me. It’s not that I don’t have joy for the coming of Christ. It’s not that I don’t feel overwhelming gratitude for Christ’s birth and entrance into our world as human flesh-yet-divine…. It’s simply that I like the Christmas celebrations. And, it’s not-so-simply that I am still waiting for the hopes and dreams of my life to be fulfilled. Some of them.

So this Advent, I’m going to try and not add to the pressure of the season… I’m going to try and focus on Christ’s first coming. I’m going to enjoy the Christmas season that I love so much, while also taking time each day to center my heart on Christ Jesus. Jesus the babe in the manger, Jesus the one who calls for change of heart, Jesus the Savior.

I’ll let you know how it goes.