Day 9: this way and that

17 03 2011

Day 9: this way and that

Kajsa loves bubbles. As most kids do. But today was especially fun, because she really got into chasing them. Initially she was into blowing them. But repeatedly asking me to chase them must have become boring, because she then suggested that I blow bubbles, and she chase. (Jackpot! I’m adding this to the “Kajsa runs and We don’t” list.) So Kajsa chased. And jumped. And ran and ran… and even shouted “Come back here, bubble!” And hung her head and shoulders down when she missed a whole group of bubbles because the wind took it too high.

“The wind blows wherever it pleases”, John 3:8 begins. No kidding! Or, as The Message puts it: “You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that.”

We hear it, we see its effects, but we can’t always tell where it came from or where it’s going. Its effects are clear, even if its origin isn’t. I fielded many questions about the wind today from Kajsa. Why is the wind going this way when I was running that way? Why did the bubbles go that way now? How come the bubbles aren’t blowing now? Why did the wind stop? Why can’t it go NOW? Why are they so high? Etc..

Though it wasn’t obvious to Kajsa and me why or how or where the wind came from and blew and did this or that, we could see what effect it had. It was obvious when the wind changed direction, or died down, or gained strength.

I wonder, then, how obvious our lives are? Is it obvious to others around us that God’s Spirit guides us? Or does God’s Spirit guide? Do we more often respond to the day’s timeline than to God’s Spirit?

The wind blows wherever it pleases. This way and that…. God’s Spirit blows through and in our lives, guiding and strengthening us—are we paying attention?

Rocking on…

17 10 2010

at a Lost & Found concert. Lots to catch up on, but since I just uploaded some fun pictures, and an adorable picture of Kajsa in the shirt I fashioned for her, I thought I’d just start with today. Jim, Kajsa, Lois, Charlotte and Dave and I went to Baltimore area for the concert. I know, a long way (2 and a half hours?) for a short concert.. but hey, it’s Michael and George… how can we not go?

The last time we saw them in concert, we asked if they have any kids shirts. They don’t. At least not little kids. So I took one of my old “Stein Auf” t-shirts that had some stains on it, and cut out the words, then sewed them onto a shirt of Kajsa’s. I love it.

You might want to panic now.


Michael and George, aka "Lost & Found"



Kajsa's 1st "Lost & Found" t-shirt



taking a picture of me taking a picture of her guitar hand stamp, from the concert....


piñata = chaos, right?

22 09 2010

wrong. or, at least not always. Kajsa was invited to a “Princess Birthday Party” recently, and all the girls were asked (by the birthday girls) to wear a princess outfit over their clothes. To a park. It was a fantastic irony of princesses sliding down a metal slide, swinging, getting woodchips in their shoes, but looking pretty. Very fun, and Kajsa loved it.

The funniest moment of all for me was the piñata. First, I’d never seen a piñata with the strings, instead of a stick, or other object used to hit piñatas.

But second, once the candy came out… the princesses created their own little circle, taking their time to sort through the candy on the ground… It was so adorable.

the non-chaotic princess candy-pickup

After the princess party, we drove to the King of Prussia Mall for the Christ Covenant youth group’s fall kickoff–which included non-youth from church also. A mall hunt… some adults went in disguise, the youth wandered the mall looking for the “wanted” adults.. Jim and I were not in disguise. And neither was Kajsa, though she was in her princess outfit still. So she had fun running around the mall.

princess at the mall

Kajsa conversations

19 07 2010

Kajsa has, as usual, been keeping us laughing… last week there were many funny conversations, and I actually wrote down two of them, so here they are:

Kajsa: I’m going to text Dee Dee…

Me: Ok.

Yeah, because I love her!

Oh, she’ll like that, then…

Yeah.. (then making texting motions and noises..)

What did you write to her?

Dear Love Mommy Daddy…and Dear Love Kajsa I love you. Dee Dee.

That’s really nice, KAjsa. Dee Dee will be so happy to read that.

Yeah. And I pressed the green button so that it send.


Yeah. And, the mailman can give it to her.

Oh, that’s great, hon.


Yes, hon..

I just pretending.

Another day, Kajsa was walking around the house making a huge mess—pulling out toys, clothes, etc.. Jim and I were both slightly aware that the house was being quickly messed up (more than usual!), but so far nothing and nobody was being harmed in the making of the mess… and frankly, we were enjoying a little time to do our own projects, so we let it happen.  At one point she turned over a bunch of puzzles, and packed a small purse with the pieces and a few other odds and ends. She grabbed her sunglasses and said,

Mommy… I going to college to see Bean.

Ok.. have fun. Tell Bean I said hi.

Ok. I will. Bye, Mommy!

A few minutes laterOk… Heeere’s college… !

Then a few minutes after that.



I going to college to see JoJo.

Oh.. But JoJo’s not at college.. she’s in Chicago.

Oh, you’re right. (laughing.) Then I go to Chicago to see JoJo.

Ok.. have fun. Tell her I said hi.

Ok, I will.

Later on, we were cleaning up a bit, and as we were putting away her puzzles, we couldn’t find the purse with the puzzle pieces.

What were you doing when you remember last playing with that bag?” I asked her.

Hmmm. I was here, in the dining room… I was at Go-Cubs-Go with JoJo.


Yes. With JoJo.

Ok.. then after that, where did you go?

Hmmm. Let me think. (tapping her finger on her chin..) After Go-Cubs-Go, I went to my bedroom. And I made this big mess with my clothes. Then I was with Abby… I can’t remember.

A few minutes later, Jim found the purse with the puzzle pieces… he gave it to her, and she exclaimed,

Oh, Daddy! I SO happy… Thank you!

new pictures…

27 06 2010

Steve, I was going to write a nice long blog post, or maybe just a nice succinct one… about who-knows-what? But that will have to wait until next week.. or the next one…

In the meantime, here are some more pictures..

More pictures

26 04 2010

hockey, hockey, and more hockey.. Kajsa loves hockey.

little gardener

little artist... enjoying the spring day

Snow Angels... not grass angels, but snow angels. She thinks snow angels are hysterical in the grass.

the fine spring day

I Love Baseball, I love pink... I love my new rain boots...!

Sometimes I can hardly stand it..

26 04 2010

how cute she is. And how funny. I wish I had the energy to write the stories, right now, but for now, photos will have to do. Enjoy.

Washing toys after the rummage sale

Twirly Dress

I love this picture...

carrying the hockey stick--in its bag. She carried it around much of the time we were outside playing that day.

We love spring! We love chalk, spray bottles with water, being outside in the spring... and, by the way, the chalk rainbows down the driveway were on request by Kajsa, but exectued by me, on rollerblades.


feeding the goats at Stewart's Bird Farm

Lily of the Valley--this ones for you, Joan!