Kajsa conversations

19 07 2010

Kajsa has, as usual, been keeping us laughing… last week there were many funny conversations, and I actually wrote down two of them, so here they are:

Kajsa: I’m going to text Dee Dee…

Me: Ok.

Yeah, because I love her!

Oh, she’ll like that, then…

Yeah.. (then making texting motions and noises..)

What did you write to her?

Dear Love Mommy Daddy…and Dear Love Kajsa I love you. Dee Dee.

That’s really nice, KAjsa. Dee Dee will be so happy to read that.

Yeah. And I pressed the green button so that it send.


Yeah. And, the mailman can give it to her.

Oh, that’s great, hon.


Yes, hon..

I just pretending.

Another day, Kajsa was walking around the house making a huge mess—pulling out toys, clothes, etc.. Jim and I were both slightly aware that the house was being quickly messed up (more than usual!), but so far nothing and nobody was being harmed in the making of the mess… and frankly, we were enjoying a little time to do our own projects, so we let it happen.  At one point she turned over a bunch of puzzles, and packed a small purse with the pieces and a few other odds and ends. She grabbed her sunglasses and said,

Mommy… I going to college to see Bean.

Ok.. have fun. Tell Bean I said hi.

Ok. I will. Bye, Mommy!

A few minutes laterOk… Heeere’s college… !

Then a few minutes after that.



I going to college to see JoJo.

Oh.. But JoJo’s not at college.. she’s in Chicago.

Oh, you’re right. (laughing.) Then I go to Chicago to see JoJo.

Ok.. have fun. Tell her I said hi.

Ok, I will.

Later on, we were cleaning up a bit, and as we were putting away her puzzles, we couldn’t find the purse with the puzzle pieces.

What were you doing when you remember last playing with that bag?” I asked her.

Hmmm. I was here, in the dining room… I was at Go-Cubs-Go with JoJo.


Yes. With JoJo.

Ok.. then after that, where did you go?

Hmmm. Let me think. (tapping her finger on her chin..) After Go-Cubs-Go, I went to my bedroom. And I made this big mess with my clothes. Then I was with Abby… I can’t remember.

A few minutes later, Jim found the purse with the puzzle pieces… he gave it to her, and she exclaimed,

Oh, Daddy! I SO happy… Thank you!

pictures, part 2

22 03 2010

Kajsa's new easel


a "bridge" in the woods behind our house... and wearing her boots for the "gooey mud".

laughing with Daddy

playing with beans... pouring beans into her plastic cups and bowls, then pouring them back into the big bowl.

Kajsa-pictures, update, etc.

22 03 2010

It’s hard to believe how much Kajsa is talking, advancing, growing up.. then again it’s not that hard to believe. It’s natural. But watching it right before our eyes is so amazing. I commented to Jim the other day how much fun it is to have conversations with her. She frequently has something to say. She loves exploring, watching her favorite TV shows,

enjoying the outdoors

Dora, Diego, Handy Manny, Ni Hao Kai Lan), playing with dry beans, art stuff–anything to do with coloring and painting and paper… being in her “car” outside, pretending to be in “gooey mud”, swinging, reading reading reading, arranging her stuffed animals in a train, Hide-and-Seek… stickers… stickers… stickers. Wow does the girl love stickers.

A little funny story. The other day she walked up to me, put her finger up to her cheek as she does when she says, “right back”.. she said, “Mommy, I go to get gas for my car. I be right back.”

“Ok”, I said… “Where are you going to get gas?”

sitting in a box (that the toddler bed came in) to play Kajsa's "Match Game"..the Kajsa way.

“Uh” she paused. “Maine.”

“Maine?” I asked… “Why Maine?”

“Uh.. I go get gas. Right back.”

Then yesterday afternoon we were outside enjoying the nice weather. I was sitting on the driveway watching her. She was playing with her Little Tikes Car. She got out of the car, walked up to me and said, “Mommy.. I go to get gas for my car.”

having a "pickwick" outside with pudding... (picnic)

“Ok” I said, expecting a repeat trip to Maine… “Where are you going this time?”

“Two stations…” she said, carefully holding up two fingers. “I go two stations to get gas. Right back, Mommy.”

does tie-dye go with sparkly pink shoes?

Visiting with family

13 10 2009

Last weekend, Kajsa and I drove to Elgin, stayed at new friends’ home, with Annie, Jeff, Jordan, and Kristina.. (Beaner.. MY Bean!) Great time. Too short. Wish we saw all our families more often. Sigh. The third picture is Kajsa’s funny pout face she suddenly made, out of the blue… then, of course, because we all laughed, she kept it up.






Bag Lady, Part 2

25 09 2009


or… “Contents of a Toddler’s Backpack”. I’ve posted this photo on my other blog...(the one I started to post my Photo Challenge pictures I’m attempting to take each day. or most days.)

This is not a fake photo. This is real, folks. This is what I dumped out of Kajsa’s backpack today. Hmmmmm… Shes’ a riot.

In other photos… last week Jim found an old harmonica that he let Kajsa play with. Today when we saw “Zee”, the owl on “Noggin”, (DSC_5073a preschool TV cable channel) playing the harmonica, she wanted to find her harmonica. We couldn’t locate it, but Jim had another one… and let her play with that. She loved playing it at the same time as Zee, and kept playing it from time to time throughout the evening.

the monona terrace

24 05 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Jim and I received an award from the Madison Police Department. (for some neighborly watchfulness from last summer.) Jim’s parents were here for the award ceremony, too..

from inside the terrace... Kajsa walking on the window sills.

from inside the terrace... Kajsa walking on the window sills.

which was held at the Monona Terrace. Before the ceremony, Kajsa was loving the big “narthex” of the Monona Terrace. And afterwards we walked up to

the roof and took some pictures. I’m playing with the media settings on my blog, and trying to post different sizes.

Kajsa's "reddish carpet" photo at the Monona Terrace

Kajsa's "reddish carpet" photo at the Monona Terrace

family photo

family photo

Grandma and Grandpa E. and Kajsa

Grandma and Grandpa E. and Kajsa

a little vocabulary

21 05 2009
her "baba".

"baba"= baby

"ou-dide".. and the tantrum when we go inside...

"ou-dide, ou-dide..." and the tantrum when we go inside...

"O-da-da"... = "Go, Cubs, Go.."

"O-da-da"... = "Go, Cubs, Go.."

a-wa (more or less) = water

a-wa (more or less) = water

uh-oh.... which Kajsa thinks is to be said when she does anything intentionally, as well...

"uh-oh".... which Kajsa thinks is to be said when she does anything intentionally, as well...

"up-uck"= look up, duck! (said when we're washing her hair.. because she washed the rubber duckie's hair once, and we had just told her to look up... so she told the duck the same thing.

"up-uck"= look up, duck! (when we wash her hair, we tell her to "look up" so she won't get soap in her eyes.. then she sometimes washes the rubber duckie's "hair" and tells it to "up-uck".

Fun(ny) Times

16 03 2009







the little girl who stopped by today

11 03 2009

It must be the jeans. Something about Kajsa today made me feel as though she had grown up into a little girl, instead of the toddler. dsc_0803I’m not in denial of the fact that the terrible twos could be just around the corner. It just seemed, today, that Kajsa had grown up a bit more. It could be that she was talking more, listening more (and less, at times), followed commands, actually tried to say “pleeeez” instead of only signing it…


or, it might be the jeans.

Just so you know,

I did not stage the photo of Kajsa reading to Abby. (yes, that’s Abby’s nose under the book Kajsa’s reading.)

Several times today she brought a book out of the toy area, and I asked her if she wanted to read a book.

Each time she pointed to where Abby was.


And she plopped herself down in front of Abby,

and began turning pages. So dang cute.

The book she is reading to Abby is “Hush”, a Thai lullaby book that her cousin Bennett gave her. It has different animals in it, and of course, we make the animal



The photo of Kajsa with her hand on her nose is her making the elephant noise and motion.

Kajsa loves her moose rocker now.

She used to be a bit afraid of it, and needed help getting up on it. Now she climbs on it by herself, and even gets moving a bit. And she loves posing for the camera–

what a surprise! Actually, she loves posing for the camera–when she feels like it. Sometimes she does not want to smile or pose for the camera! But today was a good camera day.


22 10 2008