Finally, another post.

24 08 2009

There are two reasons to suspect the end of the world is near: First, I’m finally posting again, after a long break. And second, I made a cake from scratch this summer. But in case neither of these leads to the world’s end, I’ll continue. And since so much has gone on in the past two months, I’ll resort to summarizing.


Iron River, MI (Covenant Point Bible Camp, speakers.);

Milwaukee, WI  (Miller Park, for the annual District Clergy Brewer’s game);

W. Townshend, VT (my home, and Grandma and Grandpa Stanley); and while in Vermont: Weston, Londonderry, S.Londonderry, Townshend, Brattleboro, Pike’s Falls, Newfane…

W. Orange, NJ (to visit the Lehrer’s, friends we met in China.. and one of Kajsa’s “Ling Sisters”);

New Hope, PA (with the Lehrer’s, to meet up with the Robinsons.. another Ling Sister);

S. Plainfield, NJ, to be with friends from Pilgrim Covenant Church;

back to VT;

Madison, CT (to see my sister Susie & family);

Back to Madison, WI.

What’s happened, besides our travels, or as part of our travels:

We realized, on our trip out East, that Kajsa gets carsick. Not fun.

I watched more “Blue’s Clue’s” episodes than I care to remember, on that same trip.

Before Kajsa’s birthday, I made (not from scratch) a cake and decorated it like Blue.

Kajsa turned 2 on July 25th.

On her birthday, I made a cake from scratch.

Many friends and family visited. (Hopefully I’ll post pictures someday.)

I had a hysterectomy on July 27th, to remove fibroids and stuff. (I’m still recovering, doing well, though more-than-ready to be back at “full strength”–someday!)

I went back on Facebook. Sort of. I’m back, but not consistent.

I learned how to knit. Or re-learned, since I had once-upon-a-time knit in junior high… I’m loving it.

Oh, and somewhere in there, Brett Favre changed his mind a few times about retirement. And finally signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

the past week

1 01 2008

Just some pix. I’ve been sick, exhausted, and on vacation. Aside from those first two negatives, however, there have been some fun times in the past week. So here are some moments in pictures…

Sledding on Christmas Day

Our Christmas tree… I love our tree… I’m going to miss it.

Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown, Minneapolis. Best pancakes in the world: Wally Blue’s.

Hiking with the dogs… along the Mississippi River.

Minnesota Wild game… after we won in overtime.

After the game.

Machu Picchu

11 10 2007

We´re in Aguas Calientes, the ¨Machu Picchu Town¨as it is also known. A small town where tourists probably wouldn´t come, except for their visit to Machu Picchu. In fact, it has become more of a town because of MP. I actually like it. But then again, I also like Panajachel, Guatemala, a touristy town. I like seeing the hippies, the Guatemalans, or in this case Peruvians, selling their work… I like seeing what´s being built (apparently a lot now that Machu Picchu is one of the new 7 wonders of the world). It´s quite the scene. Tonight we ate a typical Peruvian cuisine, including appetizer/soup, entree/and juice/tea, coca tea. For appetizer I ate Stuffed Avocado… incredible. Stuffed with tomatoes, cut green beans, cheese, mayonnaise, and some good-but-unidentifiable other stuff. Then for entree I had ¨Lomo Saltado¨: beef strips, bell pepper strips, onions, a good sauce.. hmm.. Very good. Jo Ann ate a potato dish and a fileted (sp?) breaded chicken. Jim had Quinua Soup and, get ready to gasp, Grilled Alpaca. He said it was good. But I´m sure you didn´t want to read about our food intake today.

So, Machu Picchu… and the train ride to Machu Picchu… oh, wow. The train did some weird stuff starting out, such as the switchback… three times, the train went forward a ways, then backwards. The first time it happened I honestly thought we were going back to pick someone else up, or to fix something wrong. Turns out that no, it´s just easier on shorter trains to do the switchback instead of turning corners quickly. The terrain/vegetation was strange.. we went through farmland, desert, and what appeared to be jungle yet with Dr. Seuss-like evergreens, orchids, tropical plants, then ferns, impatiens, geraniums… it just did not make sense, but was very pretty.

Once we got into our hotel (Wiracocha, and our roon number is ¨9¨, but our wooden key has ¨6¨on it. As long as they keep it straight), we bought our bus tickets for MP. The park, Machu Picchu is fabulous and phenomenal, and there were far too many tourists for my comfort level.. Plus that meant that most of our photos have tourists in them. Tourists besides us, I mean. Oh well. Anyhow, it was gorgeous, immense, incredible, awe-inspiring, crazy, intriguing, exhausting (the hiking up and down stairways). The highlight for me? Petting llamas. No, they did not really want to be pet. One, in escaping my pets, ran and almost ran into another tourist, but got scared, and jumped-spread eagle-over a rock. Unfortunately none of us got that on camera. But it really happened. Anyhow, the llamas were fantastic, even though they didn´t really want to be around people. We got lots of photos, which I can´t upload now because these computers are quite slow.

And on that note, I must go now. Computers are slow. We´re tired, and leaving on the first bus tomorrow (5:30 am) to return to MP… to climb a peak. And I can´t remember how to spell it now. Later. Then tomorrow evening we return to Cuzco on the train, and head to Puno (Lake Titicaca) the following morning… also quite early.

So, adios for now.

blog burst

5 07 2007

Preached at Covenant Harbor. Love Harbor. Saw Laurel. Was on staff with Laurel eons ago. Thanks, Kar, for the invite. Thanks, those who came and listened. Thanks, to those who encouraged me afterwards. Saw Emily. I was her first camp counselor. Pretty fun. Saw friends from Sweden. Hung with the Hinz/Boring/Norman/Deasy group for afternoon. Loved it.

Last week, Devil’s Lake: 4 kids, 8 adults, 3 dogs, 3 cars. Awesome time. Abby swam to point of exhaustion. Kaya swam a bit. Entropy–cinnamon bun tail popping out of the water, so cute. Jen fished. Kids played. Good food. Hiked to see the sunset over the lake. Loads o’ fun.

Cubs doing slightly better. Lost yesterday. Oh well. My man Carlos Marmol might be the new closer?

Church is good. Lots to do. Everyone has lots to do. No news there.

Friends from Jamestown came over for lunch/afternoon on Tuesday. Lots of fun. Jo Ann came Tuesday afternoon… still here. Also lots of fun.

M&M movie night, we watched “Return to Me“. Good movie. Hysterical old men. Interesting plot, and somewhat thought-provoking. Then Jo Ann and I watched “The Pursuit of Happyness“. Also interesting, though slow-moving. Interesting afterwards to compare (online) the movie version with the real-life version.

Concerts on the Square last night. Blankets down by 4:15 pm.. good spot. Walked to Memorial Union for ice cream. Back to the square by 6:30 for our Asian salad picnic, iced coffee, talking… listen to the music. Good time.

Nice day today. Cooler. Not too hot. Gotta go write sermon. Trying to make my links appear brighter. Not working so well. Oh well.

And, Happy 10th anniversary to Jim and me. Today.

in the meantime…

9 05 2007

I know, I know.. I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ll post more later, but in the meantime, will post what my friend and colleague Steve wrote (in an email to me):

There once was a mad city cat
who blogged about this and ’bout that
Until one week in Spring
She had a Santa Barbara thing
And her posting she hid under her hat.

Saint Steve of Brat City…

Thank you Steve.. I’ll be back later. Hopefully today, even.

New Leaves, new season

29 04 2007

As I was sitting on the deck yesterday, looking up at the blue sky with the occasional cloud passing by, I admired the new green leaves. New leaves, new life, new season…


I wish I could say that this new life holds some great theological or

personal meaning for me. But it doesn’t. I’ve been through too many “hopeful springs” to know better. Hoping that nature holds some great meaning for us and the adoption/infertility process just brings disappointment. Hoping that God is giving me some “signs” to cling to, glimmers of hope… yeah, that doesn’t work anymore either. It’s a nice concept, but practically speaking it stinks. It’s easier to not hope, and just enjoy new leaves and the new season for what they are: new leaves and a new season.

As for adoption, children, and the “seasons” of our lives… yeah, we’re stuck in the same place. (note: this does not mean we aren’t enjoying life!) Same season, nothing new… just more paperwork and more money flying out of our checkbook…

But, I do love spring, so I’ll just keep enjoying it.

the latest

26 04 2007

Life’s been a bit crazy.

First, we seriously considered adopting a baby…a daughter of a friend.. after many phone calls to insurance, doctors, birth family, adoption agency, social workers…we decided we couldn’t adopt this baby. It was hard, it was an emotional week.. but in the end, the birth mother kept the baby, and we are thrilled about that. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing how this little girl grows up.

China adoption continues to plod along. At least we hope it does. We’re re-doing some paperwork that has expired, thanks to China’s slow-down… the I-600A, doctor’s letters, assets and liabilities, police record letter, background checks, and homestudy update… woo hoo.. not fun, actually. Pretty darn frustrating.

Dave H. was at our house fixing our downstairs shower (yeah) and putting two closets upstairs (double yeah). It’s so nice. Can’t wait to start using them. One of them is a closet for kids clothes. I especially can’t wait to use that one.

I’ve been a home-wrecker. In the past few days, wrens tried to build a nest–several times–on our deck light. Several times because I kept taking their nest down. Carefully. Then robins built two nests over our side door. Two, because I took the first one down, then the second one. I’m not against birds. In fact I was quite sad to be a home-wrecker, and am hoping that these pairs of birds found safer places to build.

The dogs are wonderful. We love them. They continue to bring us jimanddogs.jpg

infinite amounts of joy and laughter. I love this picture of Jim and the dogs. Aww…

This weekend we’re in Glen Ellyn, IL, for the Central Conference Ministerium. Tonight during worship we heard testimonies from ordination candidates. That’s my favorite part of the weekend, hearing the stories. Well, I also love hanging out with friends, and meeting new friends. Before worship I went to dinner with “Blue Man Group and Woman”. Steve, Andy, Lyle, and I (all from the Badger District) went to the Olive Garden… and we were all wearing blue! Check out Steve’s blog for a picture. (We could have been slide girls, for you Lost & Found fans!)

It seems as though every night these past two weeks we have been doing all sorts of work…I’m looking forward to a dull week… someday. Certainly not this next week!