Lent 19: the body (knock on the door)

4 03 2013

Sorry about the blank post last night. I thought it hadn’t posted, but, apparently it had. So now here’s the post and pic. 

Yesterday (Sunday) my body didn’t work so well. Migraine. Bad one. So bad that a few minutes before worship began, I finally realized that I had to go home and couldn’t stay for church. And that’s when THE Body, the body of Christ, stepped in. Well, before then, too.. Donna was ready to go find my keys so I could get in my house. Jim brought the keys to me. Carla accompanied me home, making sure I was home safely. Mecan read scripture. Jen, who is on vacation this week while visiting us, pinch hit for me by serving communion. Jim covered the other areas I was supposed to lead. Jen and Rob brought Kajsa home with them when church was over.

the body (knock on the door)

I fell asleep pretty quickly, for a good hour or so. Migraine was slightly improved. Later on, Jen & Rob were out exploring the area and Jim & Kajsa were at Chinese class. I was back in bed, then realized that I was super hungry. Improvement, as earlier I couldn’t eat squat. I was walking around the kitchen opening cupboards, fridge, etc.. wondering what I could eat…. it had to be something that wouldn’t make me nauseous.. something that would stay down, with a migraine… something that tasted good AND was healthy. I was thinking that I had to make my almond cluster snack, which would mean baking. Ugh.

And, there was a knock on the door–a very slight, quiet knock. Uh oh. If this was a pastoral emergency, I was in no shape to be very helpful. But, I went to the door anyhow. And there was Tom. “I wasn’t supposed to wake you up!” he said. I was awake… I said. And he handed me a container of hot homemade chicken noodle soup, and some bread.

I almost started to cry. I asked if he made it.. Chris did, he said.

“Go back to bed!” he added. No, I said.. I want to tell you...

“Get back to bed.. ” Wait! I said.. let me tell you.. I was JUST trying to figure out what I was going to eat. This is perfect. Thank you! 

So, body of Christ… let me tell you: thank you. Thanks to all who have prayed, pinch hit, cooked, emailed, asked, accompanied, and overall been the body for me. Thank you.


5 03 2010

I did take this photo yesterday! But as I was writing this blog, I literally fell asleep. So here’s what I was writing.

Thurs., March 4th

What’s the connection between garbanzo beans and a clock? Easy: time. I don’t have enough of it–none of us do. At least that’s what we often say. Yet, repentance calls for a complete turning around. Not just blogging about it, talking about it, reading about it, and praying about it. Doing it. Repenting.. Turning around. It’s an action–ongoing, because our sin is ongoing.

I’d rather blog, talk, read, and pray about it. Because for me, part of my repentance this Lent needs to involve changing my sleeping (or non-sleeping) habits. I’d rather go to bed late than early. Which then affects my days and my nights and my family and my health (fatigue and fibromyalgia) and what I can and can’t do the next day. Like, eat healthier. It sounds dumb, but hear me out–when I’m more fatigued, I have less energy to intentionally eat healthy.

This is where the garbanzo beans come in. I could, technically, make hummus. It’s a fairly healthy Middle Eastern dip that could give more energy. Lasting energy. The hard part is, I’ve let myself get stuck in this vicious cycle of being too tired… going to bed too late… eating unhealthy foods… and not having the energy to jump out of the cycle and change my patterns. To turn around, repent..

So, here I go.. thinking about, blogging about, probably looking up a recipe about garbanzo beans/hummus.  Let’s hope I make the time to reTHINK my time and patterns by repenting, and reADJUSTING what I do.

this is my knitting…on drugs

31 08 2009

During HR (Hysterectomy Recuperation), Jen taught me how to knit. I used to know how to knit slippers-I made several pairs of slippers for Christmas presents when I was younger. Much younger. But that’s all I knew how to knit. And I have long envied Jen’s cool felted knit projects. So Jen taught me how to knit, and I knit a fun bag.. with handles, that I then (with Jen’s help) felted–which means you wash the wool-knit-project in hot water until it has shrunk to the desired size… squeeze the water out, shape it, and let it dry. It’s great.

DSC_1912The bag I did fairly well on. Not perfect, but not bad for the first time making a bag. But the handles? I could barely keep the seven stitches on the needles, I added extra stitches, I dropped the needles several times, I knit the wrong way. It was a riot, only because Jen was there to watch me knit the first handle, and to correct my mistakes. I felt dumb, and told Jen, to which she replied, “Cathy, you are on Vicodin right now.” oh yeah.

The next day I knit the second handle. No problems. Jen wasn’t even around to help, should I mess up–but it was, basically, a breeze. I laughed, remembering that for handle #2, I was NOT on Vicodin.

Can you tell which handle is which?

First Major Cold, Day 9

13 11 2008

Both of us. Kajsa and I, that is. Last week Jim was out of town for meetings,

waiting for food

and Kajsa and I both came down with a horrible cold that kept us house-bound for days.

At least the past couple of days we have been leaving the house and attending various other functions (don’t worry, I’m trying not to infect others). It’s good to get out of the house. It’s good to be better. It’s a bummer to still feel slightly under-the-weather. But welcome to winter, welcome to being around kids, welcome to having a weak immune system at the beginning of winter.

Such is life.

Kajsa, though sniffling like crazy, and clearly not feeling well.. still manages to enjoy life. The other night she took 6 steps –twice, and can stand on her own. She’s so proud of herself, it’s adorable. have fun. She’s still crawling around and over and into stuff (including Abby), and keeping us busy. The day before we both got sick, I hosted an informal “Watch the Election results on our small TV screen” party. A few friends came over, and one dog, Kaya. We miss Entropy like crazy. I miss him everyday. So it was good to have another dog in the house for the evening. This first photo is of the two dogs and Kajsa.

don't you love the hair?

The second photo is of Kajsa crawling on a lap-desk type thing. She loves it. I’ve discovered that when I’m sick, I don’t care so much what Kajsa crawls on, as long as nobody or nothing is in danger. And I also had not brushed Kajsa’s hair when this picture was taken–clearly!

And the third picture is just Kajsa being funny–wearing her winter hat inside (her choice) while still in her pajamas as well. She’s a riot. Such a blessing.

trying on the hat with pj's

and speaking of prayers,

19 07 2008

please pray for our friends the Lawrences. On Thursday, before we left for Chicago, Sandie called and told us that Dave had been diagnosed with cancer. It’s horrible, it sucks, it’s scary, the timing is about as bad as it gets. Dave’s already in Alaska, Sandie and the kids are leaving this community next week, and heading to Alaska the following week. It just sucks.

Hopefully it’s in the early stages. They find out more next week. But in the meantime, please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you….

Summer Cologne? and waiting…

7 05 2008

Ok, so tonight Jim and I were at a mall, in a department store. We were walking by the mens’ cologne counters… and Jim overheard a man ask the salesperson this question: “What’s a good summer cologne for traveling to the Tropics?”

Pretty funny.

On the adoption front, we’re one step further to our baby! This evening we DHL-ed our acceptance packet back to our adoption agency… stating that we want to adopt Wan Yi Ling (yep, still no English name.. still trying out our options). The process of compiling the acceptance paperwork (including more immigration paperwork, an email to the Milwaukee immigration office saying that our third fingerprint expiration date should be at our house within 2 weeks, etc..) was exhausting. But once we had the packet of information handed over to the DHL guy, it felt fantastic! We can’t wait to meet this little girl.

Re: medical report…the other night (Monday) we received the medical report in Chinese. And I called a lady from our church who is from China, and emailed her the report. She called me later to say that Wan Yi appears normal. And on Tuesday we faxed the translated medical report to a pediatrician, who called me to say that everything appears normal as well, based on what little information we have.

Our acceptance packet should be in the office of our agency by noon tomorrow. The packet will be sent back to China by May 14th. And from there, we continue to wait. Only now we wait with many copies of the same three adorable photos. Of our daughter, waiting for us in China.

now you see them, now you don’t…

1 04 2008

Before visiting the ortho last Wednesday, March 26th:


and….. upon returning from the ortho, last week: