someone to respect

19 04 2010

I could care less about golf. Really. Normally it bores me. But I am passionate about how professional athletes–and other public figures–act. And I’m always curious about how they spend their time outside of the limelight, and how their actions are examples–positive or negative–for those who look up to them.  Well, this story is about someone in the limelight, and his actions took place in the limelight. But still, it’s a great story, about an unknown golfer who could have won his first PGA tournament… but called a penalty on himself, and lost the tournament. Admirable. Worthy of respect. I like to read about this kind of honesty and truthfulness in public figures. I like to read and hear about this kind of honesty and truthfulness in non-public figures, too. It makes me think.  Check it out.