Rocking on…

17 10 2010

at a Lost & Found concert. Lots to catch up on, but since I just uploaded some fun pictures, and an adorable picture of Kajsa in the shirt I fashioned for her, I thought I’d just start with today. Jim, Kajsa, Lois, Charlotte and Dave and I went to Baltimore area for the concert. I know, a long way (2 and a half hours?) for a short concert.. but hey, it’s Michael and George… how can we not go?

The last time we saw them in concert, we asked if they have any kids shirts. They don’t. At least not little kids. So I took one of my old “Stein Auf” t-shirts that had some stains on it, and cut out the words, then sewed them onto a shirt of Kajsa’s. I love it.

You might want to panic now.


Michael and George, aka "Lost & Found"



Kajsa's 1st "Lost & Found" t-shirt



taking a picture of me taking a picture of her guitar hand stamp, from the concert....


Easter Day: Dance

8 04 2010

Morning Dance

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Our favorite singing group–Lost & Found–has a song called “Dance”. It’s one of Jim’s favorite songs, about the ladies going to visit the tomb of Jesus: and the tomb is empty! Part of the lyrics are as follows: “At dawn as the walked sadly hanging their heads. They fell in reverence when the angel said, ‘Why do you look for the living with the dead?’Their mourning song turned to dancing instead.”

Mourning song turned to dancing. Imagine the joy, yet disbelief, at realizing what had happened.. that Jesus had risen, just as he said. Of course there would be disbelief at first, and shock, and all that stuff. But after that.. when they saw the risen Christ… what must have they thought? done? imagine the dancing!

Of course, life circumstances can distract us from the dancing joy. Life can get us down, it can discourage, depress, disappoint… obviously. We know this all too well. So we keep hoping, trying, reminding ourselves and others of the Easter Dance: that Christ is victorious, Christ is risen. Regardless of life’s circumstances, Christ is risen. We can dance… and we can keep hoping in this risen Savior.

Guilt photos

5 04 2009

Not guilt about taking the photos, not guilt in the photos. Guilt because I haven’t posted in so long. So these photos are the guilt blog. Or one of the guilt blogs. I want to say so much, write so much–about Kajsa, about life, about faith… but I’m running out of steam lately, and so photos have to do once again.


Lost and Found



38. following the big kids

I want Pentecost still to be red…

29 05 2007

Lost and Found has a song about the church, called “Opener”. It talks about churches that have become more like YMCA’s, that preach the news, sing what they want to sing, carry on no history, and how we need to stop the fighting, whether it’s about guitars and amps, or incense and robes… just tell about Jesus. It’s a good song, and one of my favorite lines is “I want palms on Palm Sunday, I want Pentecost still to be red…”

That line ran through my head all last week and weekend as I was working on my Pentecost sermon, and the service. I love Pentecost. It’s my favorite day in the church year (and I said this in my sermon) because I am in need of help, and it’s the day we celebrate God sending help: the Holy Spirit. I love it. And at Arbor, it was red. It always is, because Sue does a fantastic job of changing the banners and paraments (those different colored/symboled cloths hanging on altars, pulpits, lecterns, etc…). I hadn’t been at church since Sue changed the paraments, so walking in at 7:30 am Sunday morning was a treat, to see the red all over. I love it. Jim and I also brought in red balloons, which Jim used during his Children’s Corner.

When I read the Acts 2 passage, about the Holy Spirit coming into the place where Jesus’ disciples and others were gathered, I had arranged for people to stand and read part of the text in different languages–at the same time–while I read in English. It was amazing. I wish I could have just listened, but those who did thought it was great. Awkward, at first. But fantastic. We had people reading Chinese, French, Spanish and Swedish.

I love Pentecost. And I need it. I need the Holy Spirit’s help this week.. it’s a busy week, and I’m emotionally and physically exhausted. So in order to make it through, I need the Spirit of Pentecost to guide me through. I need reminding that the church throughout the ages has been inspired, guided, corrected, and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. So hopefully this week I will be too.