So behind….

24 03 2008

I’m so incredibly behind… on life, on blogging… on posting new photos. Not complaining, just commenting about this reality. This week will also be quite busy. A bit crazy. But I’ve had an incredibly good week/weekend to keep me going. Love it when that happens.

Here are a few photos from early last week. Kris, a friend from church, invited me to go to her family’s lake house in Michigan. Gorgeous… incredibly peaceful, relaxing, fun… hanging out with Kris and MorMor (her mom), maple sugaring… watching “Dancing with the Stars” (thanks, MorMor–now I want to see what happens!), talking into the night, sitting in the hot tub under the stars and the fog… walking along the beach. Life is good, on days like that.

For more Michigan pictures, check out my Flickr site.