We all missed Abby

9 02 2009

while at Midwinter. dsc_0298She was at Aunt Sue’s house, and I’m sure she had a blast. But we didn’t realize how much Kajsa missed Abby. When we got home Friday afternoon, she kept hugging Abby, kissing her, and even read books to her. Soooo adorable. Kajsa would sit in front of Abby, trying to fit in between her front paws, skootch (sp?) herself backwards to get as close to Abby as she could, then open the book and start “reading”… flipping pages, and making occasional noises. And, besides “Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, one of Kajsa’s favorite books now is “If you Give a Pig a Pancake”…. so that’s what Abby got to read. Good thing Kajsa’s exposing her to this great literature, because we have neglected to do so. I think the last book I read parts of to Abby was “The Daring Book for Dogs”..

Midwinter, and answered prayers

9 02 2009

dsc_0055Last week we were at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago, for our annual “Midwinter Conference”. Those who are non-pastors think this conference sounds boring: 1000 (give or take) clergy, staff,e tc.. gathered in one hotel for several days of meetings, worship, workshops, and lots of hanging out with colleauges, new and old. Though I have become a bit more introverted in recent years, I still love this conference, and it is one of the highlights of my year. This year Kajsa was with us… dsc_0244Loads of fun. I’ll post more pix later, perhaps on flickr… It turns out Kajsa is probably more extroverted than even Jim and Cathy!In the first of these photos, Kajsa is helping Marge with registrations….  The second photo shows how Kajsa loves to get all her “gear” on when we’re heading out the door. And, by the way, to parents and other caregivers out there… hotels, especially this one, are a GREAT playground for toddlers to run and fall, on plush carpet, etc..

Besides Kajsa loving Midwinter, and her constant audiences to smile at her, take her pictures, play with her baseball cards (AND HOCKEY cards, Sue!!:) … it was an indescribable feeling for us, to be able to share this answer to prayer that is now part of our life: Kajsa. It’s been a long journey. The answer to prayer is wonderful. My heart still aches for those who are still waiting for answers to their prayers for children, spouses, etc. And certainly there are still some prayers in our lives that aren’t answered. But it had been so long since we had some good news to share with Midwinter colleagues in the Covenant.. Thank you, God. Thank you, all who prayed. Thank you, those of you who stuck with me in my constant angst and etc. Thank you to those who create the Midwinter Conference and participate in making it a place I look forward to each year.

I know each denomination has its challenges, and I am certainly not blindly looking past those for mine.. but I do love the Covenant.