and her name is…

21 05 2008

Kajsa Ling!

Kajsa Ling Stanley-Erickson.

In case you haven’t figured out yet, “Kajsa” is pronounced like “ice-a”, only with a “k” at the beginning. Kajsa is a Swedish name, commonly used as a nickname for “Carin”, and also a derivative of “Katherine”, meaning pure. None of these are the reasons we chose it, however. We simply like it. And yes, the voting results are now showing “Kajsa” on top, but it’s also our favorite at this point. We are very excited. And we wanted to keep part of our baby’s Chinese name as her middle name, and like the fact that children brought to her specific orphanage are given the last name “Ling”, so thought we’d keep that part.

Things are moving along.. no news on travel yet. Our visa applications were sent out last week. We’re waiting for travel approval (probably won’t be informed until first week of June), potential travel dates, visa approval, etc…

Woo hooo!!!!

Continued thanks for your emails, support, votes, prayers.. and please, continue to pray for the country of China and the millions affected by the earthquake and after-effects.

What should we name her?

14 05 2008

Ok, this is purely for fun. Don’t worry… we will pick the name that we, Jim and Cathy, think is the best fit for our daughter. But we also thought it’d be fun to have a poll on the blog.
So, which name do you like best?
Click on this “Click Here/Cast your Vote” button below, and cast your vote. And check back for the name.. someday!

Free Vote Caster from<br />
Free Vote Caster<br /> from

And, in case you need to look at her face to choose your favorite name:

Have fun!

And many thanks to Dave, for creating the poll for me!!