The pigeon has several stages… Happy Halloween!

31 10 2013

Kajsa wanted to be the pigeon this year for Halloween–that is, “the” pigeon of Mo Willems’ books, namely, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. She loves the Willems books. And the pigeon. As do I. They’re quite fun.

Our little pigeon had three stages, thanks to three opportunities to wear the costume–Chinese school, Elementary School parade, and trick-or-treating tonight. Whatever the stage, it was a fun Halloween!

Pigeon #2, fabric wings. School parade.

Pigeon #2, fabric wings. School parade.

(different beak, smaller tail, more comfy velcro on the hood)

(different beak, smaller tail, more comfy velcro on the hood)


Backwards Birthday Party

28 07 2013

We survived! And we even had fun, hosting our first at-home birthday party for Kajsa. Kajsa was thrilled to have 9 friends able to come celebrate her birthday… especially since it was a  “Backwards, Upside Down, Wacky Party”. We sent out mirror invitations (you held the invitation up to a mirror to read it); kids were invited to wear items of clothing backwards if they wished; and we played some backwards games in addition to some “normal” games. Normal: Hide and Seek;

Backwards games: Kickball, Red Light/Green Light and Goose Goose Duck.  As kids arrived they could color in a piece of paper with their names spelled backwards in block letters…. and for party favor bags we gave out silly putty, Tangle Toys, and some Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers.

Sticking with the “Backwards, Upside Down, Wacky” theme, we had an upside down birthday cake. It was truly a team effort: Jim and Kajsa went shopping for ingredients, Kajsa helped stir, frost, and did lots of watching… and Thelma loaned me the cake pans, helped with the cake strategy, and stopped by several times to help out when I needed help. Thanks, team!! Clearly I’m not a cake decorator, but it was fun making this one. 

I had hoped to do a lot more with the theme… eating cake under the table, for instance. And blowing up lots of balloons to hang from the ceiling.  But time either got away from us (as in the balloon instance) or we thought better of the idea (eating under the table…. Abby would have loved all that people food at her level!).

Thankfully, our six year old is sometimes very understanding: after everyone left yesterday I sighed and said,

“Kajsa, I’m so sorry. We never even had time to blow up and hang all those balloons!”

“That’s ok, mom,” she said. “I can live a life without balloons.”


Peas and Mr. Peacock (but not together)

8 04 2013

Jim heated up peas this evening, as part of our supper. But Kajsa requested her peas to remain frozen and not be heated up. So Jim obliged. He set hers aside, and she ate most of her peas frozen.frozen peas on a cracker She tossed a few peas into her soup, just for the novelty of it, I think.. but the biggest novelty was her new creation: frozen peas on a cracker. Strange, but true.

And, in other news… he’s back!! Mr. Peacock, that is. As I write this, he is roosting in one of our backyard trees. Mr. PeacockWe’ve heard his cawing noises off and on for the past couple of weeks. But today we heard him a lot. The cawing got louder and louder and we realized he was in our backyard again. So how does one respond to Mr. Peacock visiting again? Grab your camera, naturally.

Happy roosting, Mr. Peacock…just don’t wake us up in the early morning with your cawing!



Lent 38: all flocks and herds

27 03 2013

Psalm 8. A fairly well Psalm, I think. Lent 38: all flocks and herds

As I was walking in our yard last week, and photographed the miniature horses through the fence, I thought about Psalm 8. Particularly verses 6 & 7.

Lent 27: Detour

11 03 2013

Detours. Some are great, and actually enhance a journey. Others aren’t so great, and prolong the journey.Some are circumstantial; others are chosen by us, or by our actions/inaction. Lent 27: Detour

Lent 23: Which Way?

8 03 2013

Yesterday evening, Jim and I joined Jen & Rob (friends who were visiting this week–they had gone to Philly for the day) for dinner. We met them in the Comcast Center, a very fun, tall, many-windowed building downtown. I didn’t even know this place existed, and we spent very few minutes in the “lobby” of the center, but I was immediately drawn to these statues/figures walking different directions way up high. Lent 23: Which way?

Choices are everywhere, in daily life. At least it seems that way. You can do this, you can do that, you can do the other thing… you can go left, right, straight, behind, veer, make a u-turn, go in reverse… Granted, not all choices are available at all times. Often we wish for more choices–and, at times, we wish for fewer choices. Some choices are obviously good, some are obviously bad, others are simply not the best… and still others don’t have a giant affect on our lives.

What choices have you been faced with today? How did you decide? Or did you? And what choices could help you to draw closer to God?

Sunday pictures

12 05 2011

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If you’d like to see some bigger views of these pictures, check out the flickr set I have, called “Spring 2011”.

More to come.


31 10 2010

It only took me countless hours, on and off, but I finally finished the costume. Maybe next time I should actually try to figure out a pattern, and how to read a sewing pattern, instead of trying to do it all by myself. If I keep up with these sewing projects, I’ll have to eventually learn, because it will take less time.

Regardless, good thing the girl is dang cute.

Tonight we went trick-or-treating with friends–in their neighborhood. Lots of fun. We also visited a couple other friends at their homes–this afternoon and this evening.

"Clifford the Big Red Dog"

Family Photo... with Milo, a neighborhood cat (not our neighborhood)

Trick-or-Treating with friends

August days

1 09 2010

Abby loves her sticks!

the "minture" horses --some of our animal neighbors

a bit scary, but also a fun picture...

Kajsa on rollerskates... Abby sees her stick

Abby tries to get Kajsa's stick

Abby tries even harder to get Kajsa's stick

Mommy distracts Abby.. Kajsa keeps the stick

strike a pose…

13 08 2010

"my fun dancing outfit"

I helped her get dressed today, choosing the leggings to match the top–sort of. But Kajsa insisted on wearing her dancing skirt. As the day progressed, the whole outfit became known as  “my fun dancing outfit”.  Then when we went to the 4-H Fair later on, I tried to convince her that she might be hot, but she wanted to wear the same outfit–I managed to get leave the scarf behind, though, concerned that my daughter might end up in a pool of sweat… Because, by the time we left for the 4-H Fair, she was sweating from dancing around inside.

the adorable cow and kid

The 4-H Fair, in Creamery (Skippack) was a blast. How could it not be, with all the animals and with a giant “Clifford the Big Red Dog” inflatable bouncing thing, and with the people we ran into. The cows were adorable, clearly.

And, finally, this last photo is Kajsa after

Spelling in the driveway

spelling “Daddy” and “Mommy” in the driveway. Jim took the photo, after she had asked how to spell all these names. Last week she spelled her first word : DeeDee… and then her second: JoJo. Her interest in spelling has taken off, now, so it’s fun to be a part of this learning season in her life.