Lent 23: Which Way?

8 03 2013

Yesterday evening, Jim and I joined Jen & Rob (friends who were visiting this week–they had gone to Philly for the day) for dinner. We met them in the Comcast Center, a very fun, tall, many-windowed building downtown. I didn’t even know this place existed, and we spent very few minutes in the “lobby” of the center, but I was immediately drawn to these statues/figures walking different directions way up high. Lent 23: Which way?

Choices are everywhere, in daily life. At least it seems that way. You can do this, you can do that, you can do the other thing… you can go left, right, straight, behind, veer, make a u-turn, go in reverse… Granted, not all choices are available at all times. Often we wish for more choices–and, at times, we wish for fewer choices. Some choices are obviously good, some are obviously bad, others are simply not the best… and still others don’t have a giant affect on our lives.

What choices have you been faced with today? How did you decide? Or did you? And what choices could help you to draw closer to God?

real, and pretend

13 08 2010

A couple weeks ago, Jim, Kajsa, Abby and I drove to Vermont for a week’s vacation at my parent’s house, along with several other family members. The day we drove to VT from Harleysville was a rough day. Kajsa was pretty sick, I was getting sick and in fibro pain, and we were all tired of being in the car. When we finally crossed over the VT border, (from NY state into Bennington),

Kajsa in the "Real Vermont"

I said, “Kajsa, we’re in Vermont! Yeah! Finally, we’re in Vermont!! Isn’t that great?”

Kajsa looked around out the window.. she looked at me and asked, “but where’s the real Vermont?”

“The real Vermont? What do you mean? this IS the real Vermont, Kajsa… we’re in Vermont!”

no, the real Vermont.. where is it?”

“Kajsa, what do you mean?” I asked.

“The house Vermont.. The real house Vermont.”


“Do you mean Grandma and Grandpa S.’s house?” I asked..

“Yes”, she said. And then I had to break the news that the “real Vermont was still an hour away….

Last weekend, Kris and Phil were visiting, and on Saturday we went to Philadelphia on the train. On the way back, on the train,  I was once again tired, in pain.. ready to call it quits for the day. I laid my head back on the seat, and closed my eyes. Kajsa was standing up on the seat between Jim and me, a bit more energetic than either Jim or I felt. Pretty soon, I heard, “Snip, snip.. snip, snip… Mommy!”

“What?” I opened my eyes and looked at Kajsa. She was holding two fingers as though they were scissors.

I cutting your hair, Mommy… with my little scissors.  You like it? I’m being really gentle.”

Kajsa, in Philadelphia

“Oh, thanks”, I said.. hoping she would keep “cutting” without needing much conversation.

“Snip, snip… snip, snip… Mommy! Look at your hair… you like it?”

“Yes, Kajsa.. thank you.” Then I thought I could give her another task. “But Kajsa, now we have a problem.”

“What, Mommy?”

“There’s hair all over the train seat. Look at that mess!”

She looked down at the seat, and there was the teeniest moment of silence before she smiled and shrugged, “I’ll just push it on the floor.”

“oh, Kajsa! we can’t do that! That’s garbage! And we can’t leave garbage on the floor.. ”

“Why not?”

“Because first of all, that’s not the right thing to do, but second, there’s a sign (and there was a real sign..) over there that say, ‘Please take your garbage with you, when you leave the train.”

Again, a bit of silence, then she turned and asked, “Is that real or pretend garbage?”

new pictures…

27 06 2010

Steve, I was going to write a nice long blog post, or maybe just a nice succinct one… about who-knows-what? But that will have to wait until next week.. or the next one…

In the meantime, here are some more pictures..

not that far away

20 02 2010

Jo Ann is visiting from Chicago, and today was our day to go into the city–that would be Philadelphia. So this morning Jim, Kajsa, Jo Ann and I took the train from North Wales to Market Street East, right by Chinatown. We ended up at Nanzhou Hand Drawn Noodle House, a  highly-recommended place to eat lunch. I highly recommend it. More on that later… hopefully.

After lunch, Jim and Kajsa headed back home on a train, and Jo Ann and I explored some more. Chinatown and some Independence area sites. We were looking for a good place to sit down and have some coffee… but kept walking, looking for places to photograph, and to rest. But we couldn’t find anyplace within our price range. Standing outside Christ Church to take photos, Jo Ann noticed a passerby carrying a to-go coffee cup. She asked her where she got it… and the lady pointed down the street–more like a glorified alley, really–to a coffee shop.

After we took some more photos at Christ Church, we walked down the street, and found Old City Coffee Cafe. It was not that far away. And, had Jo Ann not asked the lady about her coffee cup, we probably would have headed a slightly different direction, ending up at Starbucks. Not that I’m opposed to Starbucks–I’m not. But Old City Coffee was a more “local”, intriguing, fun choice for today.

God often seems far away, I think. What I want spiritually often can seem far away. And yet, it might not be as far away as it seems. Who knows? Maybe it is. But I’d guess–and experience tells me–that God, at least, is closer than I think. And often what I truly want spiritually could be closer than I think. But left to my own habits and choices I might end up going a different direction, missing out on some spiritual opportunities close by. And, like Starbucks, it’s not that my choices or directions are always bad. Rather, they simply aren’t the full experience I could have.

Hopefully I will pay attention to more signs, clues, passersby around me… pointing me to a closer and more fulfilling experience.