Lent 15: almond butter

27 02 2013

I took today’s photo before 11 am.

I wrote my post a couple hours ago. (about 8:30 pm)

Saved the post draft.

Did other things for the next hour and a half or so.

Returned to blogging.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.


I walked away to give the computer time to catch up.

I put my laundry in the dryer.

I returned to the computer. Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

I washed my face.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.


Figured I’d write a nice post without a photo. No biggie, even for a blogger trying to post a photo-a-day during Lent.

Edited previously written draft of post. Saved Draft.

Tried to preview. (I always do this.)

Tried to preview.

Tried to preview.

Was asked for my username and password.

Ready to give up.

Signed back in to site.

Lost previous tweaking of aforementioned blog draft.

Jim walked in about then and said he thought I should blog about making almond butter tonight.

I made almond butter tonight in the Vita-Mix. It took me less than 2 minutes. No joke.

The almond butter is awesome.

Maybe I should make almond butter more often and try to upload photos to my media folder less often.

Then again, I still have to clean the Vita-Mix.

photos by Kajsa

6 05 2011

Neither of the adults in this house told her what to take photos of, but lately I’m enjoying letting Kajsa use the small camera sometimes. Watching her keeps us laughing. Viewing the photos when we haven’t watched her take them makes us laugh even more sometimes. Or even just smile. Here are some smile-makers from a few days ago.

scissors lined up

Abby and Mommy

Abby and Mommy

"I love you....


Advent Photo Journey 2010-Intro

28 11 2010

A photo a day during Advent, perhaps a brief reflection a day. Reflecting, visually and verbally, on an Advent scripture passage, or on a general Advent theme. Sounds simple enough, right? Right. I’ve done this for several years now, as have a few friends. But this year I’m doing it a bit differently. I’m going to reflect on an upcoming Sunday’s scripture, rather than on a Sunday that has passed.

The only problem is, Advent began 16 minutes ago (as I write this). I’m already behind! I was going to start this past week, reflecting on tomorrow’s Scripture passages. I was going to enter the 2010 season of Advent more reflective, more mindful of God and God’s word. I was going to enter this season feeling ready. Not behind. At least not with this one piece of my life.

I did begin taking photos on Thanksgiving day. So I’ll post those in a bit. And today, the first Sunday of Advent, will simply have several posts. Posts with good intentions.

Ready or not, Advent is here.

More pictures

26 04 2010

hockey, hockey, and more hockey.. Kajsa loves hockey.

little gardener

little artist... enjoying the spring day

Snow Angels... not grass angels, but snow angels. She thinks snow angels are hysterical in the grass.

the fine spring day

I Love Baseball, I love pink... I love my new rain boots...!

Sometimes I can hardly stand it..

26 04 2010

how cute she is. And how funny. I wish I had the energy to write the stories, right now, but for now, photos will have to do. Enjoy.

Washing toys after the rummage sale

Twirly Dress

I love this picture...

carrying the hockey stick--in its bag. She carried it around much of the time we were outside playing that day.

We love spring! We love chalk, spray bottles with water, being outside in the spring... and, by the way, the chalk rainbows down the driveway were on request by Kajsa, but exectued by me, on rollerblades.


feeding the goats at Stewart's Bird Farm

Lily of the Valley--this ones for you, Joan!

Friday’s Pic: Moon and Cross

27 03 2010

Moon and Cross

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1) .. it’s easy to give thanks to God when looking at a gorgeous moon, a beautiful cross on a beautiful church.. It’s easy to remember God’s steadfast love… to feel God’s steadfast love.

I love this view. The photo, not so much–but you know how I feel about my camera being in the shop. Still, I love the view. I love walking the grounds of the church at night, with Abby… and looking up.

The challenge is to look “up” throughout the day. Not only when the beautiful cross and moon are noticeable, but all the time. To look up at the cross, to look to God for guidance… to give thanks at all times.. to remember the steadfast love of God…. at all times.

pictures, part 2

22 03 2010

Kajsa's new easel


a "bridge" in the woods behind our house... and wearing her boots for the "gooey mud".

laughing with Daddy

playing with beans... pouring beans into her plastic cups and bowls, then pouring them back into the big bowl.


2 03 2010

That’s what I’ve done–adapted. Adapted to the way things are in our new home. Not completely. I’m still eager to finish unpacking, organizing,

Monday, March 1st

de-cluttering, etc. There’s a lot to do. But it’s also become easy to adapt to the way things have settled. These pictures on the mantle, for instance. They drove me crazy seven weeks ago. But now, they look pretty good to me.

If they don’t to you, just stare at the picture everyday for seven weeks, then let me know what you think. The arrangement might grow on you. You just might adapt to the temporary arrangement of pictures that are eventually going to be up on walls. They ended up on the mantle just so we could have something to look at while deciding where pictures should go. I never intended to leave them here. But I’ve now adapated, and actually like them. At least tonight I do.

Lent reminds me of how quickly we adapt to the way things are. Even when they’re not supposed to be this way/that way. Especially our habits that distract us from following God. Not necessarily the obvious habits or actions that would make us all think twice. But I’m talking about the hard-to-notice, temporary, “just this once”, habits that we adapt to. They’re not super bad–they might even look good, arranged that way in our lives, if we live with them for seven weeks or more… or less. But they aren’t exactly helpful to our journeys of faith, they aren’t what the bigger picture needs to be.

What habits have we adapted to that we need to revisit? rearrange? revise? get rid of completely? How have our daily lives contributed to this adaptation?

Re-THINK-ing Lent

18 02 2010

It’s Lent—perhaps my favorite liturgical season. There’s so much possibility with Lent… so much that could happen, spiritually speaking. At least there are a lot of intentions, on my part. I won’t bore you with my list of intentions for the season… or even for the past week. Suffice it to say, it’s tempting to already give up, knowing that it’s not possible for me to fulfil all my intentions. And yet I’m going to try to figure out ways to make Lent a bit more meaningful this year. 

At Christ Covenant Church, we have a theme for Lent: Re-THINK Lent. The purpose is to help make Lent more meaningful for all of us—spiritually. To Re-THNK the ways we do things, the habits we have, the ways our Christian faith makes a difference in our daily lives. Today, Ash Wednesday, we start with our intentions…

And so I’m thinking about my intentions. My intentions for my relationship with God and others. And my intentions to live as though Jesus Christ makes a difference in my life. I’m pretty much convinced that today’s best wishes will not amount to much. And yet that’s part of what I like about Lent—there’s still the possibility.

So I’m going to try. I’m going to try to take a photo a day that makes me think about Lent…. I’m going to try and spend some good time each day focusing on prayer—the talking to God and the listening to God.  And I’m going to try to live into the season.  Whatever that means.

So, my first photo is a blurry photo of the stained glass window in the church sanctuary… blurry because it reflects my intentions… wanting to focus on the cross and on my faith, but not always happening that way.

“Really Really?”

17 01 2010

Really. This is one of Kajsa’s latest phrases. “Really, really?” to just about anything… we’re going to church now, we’re taking Abby outside, let’s go play with your blocks, let’s go eat lunch… frequently the response is, “Really really?”

Kajsa under table

Another Kajsa story: yesterday I saw her chewing oddly, stick her tongue out, and try to take something out of her mouth. She was holding a Kleenex in her other hand. “What are you eating?” I asked her. “my Kleenex.” She said. “Kleenex?” I asked… “why are you eating your Kleenex?”  Another pause..then… “Um… Abby eat paper!”

She keeps us laughing. And busy.

Kajsa and Jim at playground

On another topic, our backyard has been enjoyable. Our  yard (which is the church yard/church parsonage yard) backs up to a small wooded area, which backs up to two cool places: Stewart’s Bird Farm, and a photography studio that also houses some sheep. The bird farm also has farm animals. I thought the big birds we’ve seen were ostriches, but, as it turns out, they’re emus. Two emus. The emus have occasionally approached the fence when we’re walking with Abby, but never too close, and never appearing that interested. Abby has given the occasional protective growl, but mostly, they ignore each other.


But yesterday, Abby paid more attention.  I was a little ways off, with Kajsa, so we quickly approached the fence to see what was up. Abby was intent on watching the fence…. And on the other side, one emu (no sign of the second one) was pacing, growing nervous. I grabbed Abby’s leash, and she, Kajsa, and I cautiously approached within a few feet of the fence. (Did you really really expect anything less of me?!) I wondered what the emu was protecting, then I saw them… two gorgeous eggs! Have you ever seen one?

Emu Eggs

I’ve now seen two, and will post a photo. I ran back to the house, hollered for Jim to come out and grab my camera, so he could hold Abby back while I photographed… from as far back as I could so I wouldn’t make the emu more nervous.

the Daddy Emu (we think) sitting on the eggs