fun in the sun

9 05 2010

Last weekend we were at Pilgrim Pines in NH for the East Coast Conference Ministerium and Annual Meeting. Kajsa loved the beach at the Pines.. LOVED the beach. She would have been in the water all the way, had we let her! but it was tooooo cold. (the water.. the outside temp was fantastic last weekend!)

playing with Aidan and Beckett's beach toys...

Then we had fun with bubbles and her tricycle last week–before it got cold again, here.

Some funny Kajsa sayings lately:

-looking for something… “hmmm.. where that be? it must be here somewhere!”

-when holding the vacuum cleaner cord while I’m vacuuming, even though I told her to let the cord go because she was holding it too tightly: “mommy, I just hold it…. case you don’t get hurt..”

beach girl

-and nearly everyday, she calls “Dee Dee”.. the other day I heard her talking while holding her pretend phone to her ear, and this is what I heard: “Oh, hi, Dee Dee… it’s me, Kajsa.. Yep. A huh.. yep. Ok.. Oh, (laugh, laugh) that’s SO funny. Oh, you what? You and Oppa? (translation=Entropy)… Oh. Hold on, Dee Dee.. Hold on for minute. I need to go.. Ok. I call you later, OK? bye!”

Kajsa's "click".. "the click with the orange button"


"Mommy, I put my 'elmet on."

“Catch-Up”: Tuesday

18 03 2010

Philippians 3:4b-14

Pressing on.. I can’t say that I’m one who focuses a lot on “pressing on” for the sake of the heavenly prize in Jesus Christ. I don’t often think, “Ah… heaven. I can’t wait.” or “I’m pursuing the goal of resurrection from the dead.”

Tues., March 16th

Maybe, on some days–the days I think about the deaths of loved ones, the days I contemplate the future after death… maybe on those days. But mostly, I simply live. I do press on, in terms of moving forward. I do try to live my life as though Christ Jesus and his resurrection makes a difference. But what, exactly does that look like? For me, it includes working on those annoying habits that creep up on me. It includes working on not being so annoyed by the habits of others that jump out in front of me. It includes focusing on Christ Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit for guidance. And it includes a whole bunch of other ideas, actions, words, speech patterns, that are too many to list here. In this sense, “pressing on” is hard for me. I imagine that those who think about heavenly reward have a hard time as well. But for me, simply living today, as though Christ does make a difference in my life, is challenging. In this photo, my sister, nephew, their dog, and I were walking on the beach–and I photographed their shadows. Bennett was walking Tasha, their dog… Susie was walking Bennett’s bike, I was holding the bags of Bennett’s and my shell findings..  A stretch though it may be, we were straining, we were pressing on… and it was hard! walking through the sand. Hard, but worth it.