Take me out to the Ballgame…

30 07 2008

even if it’s not Wrigley Field. Yesterday was Kajsa’s first baseball game. At Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers). I do love Miller Park, even though I’m more of a Cubs fan. I love the stadium, the family-friendly atmosphere, the sausage races… So, if one can’t be at Wrigley, the next best thing might be Miller Park. Anyhow, Kajsa mostly had a blast at the game. She was a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, but once she warmed up, she clapped. A lot.

Her Aunt Sue, Uncle Bill and cousins gave her this adorable pink Cubs outfit. I bought the shoes last week, but they’re too big. So we just left them on for a photo op. (she takes them off, even when they’re double-knotted.)


21 04 2008

So behind… I know, most of us are. But I’m feeling a bit out-of-control, I’m so behind.

I’m working on the kid’s nursery. Gasp. Big step. HUGE step. Emotionally, I have not been able to even think about that room for so many years, that to actually work on it now feels good. And yet a little freaky, too. A little crazy. Not sure if I should take that step, and yet I kind of have to. We kind of have to.

Why? you may wonder… well, for those who only read this blog and get the rare email correspondence from me… it seems as though our referral could be coming soon! Maybe, MAYBE in May… That’s all I’m going to say about it, because that’s craziness as well.

So, if that happens, when that happens, we travel approximately 6-8 weeks after we accept the referral.

Things are getting into high gear.

Otherwise, life is life. The house is a disaster zone–we should just put that “Caution” tape in front to warn any would-be-visitors. Trying to organize, de-clutter to make room for kid stuff, moving the office downstairs and making a nursery, painting the kitchen… plastic bins full of items we’re taking to China with us… it’s crazy.

But again, feels good.

Last week Jim and I attended an adoption conference in Chicago. so we went a day early, and went to the Cubs game , with Jo Ann and Ken. FUN. Cubs won… Derrek Lee Bobble Head doll to the first 10,000 fans! So I made poor Jim and Jo Ann go to the game early–2 hours early, so we could be one of those first 10,000 fans.. but we got our Derrek Lee Bobble Head dolls! And we were there early enough, then, to enjoy batting practice. It was so fun. I love the Cubbies… I love Wrigley… I love beautiful days and good friends…

So, off to more craziness.

I hope all of you are surviving your various crazy situations.

Morgan: Alter-Ego

28 02 2008

I posted this photo yesterday on the “Lenten Views” webpage: and now I need to explain a little bit. Here’s the story.

100_9262_2.jpgMorgan is happily married to Jim, living in Madison, WI. They have 2 kids… (2-year old twins, the result of successful in-vitro over 2 years ago), and are in the process of adopting a girl from China. Their twins are a boy and a girl–Liam and Sydney. (remember, this is Cathy’s alter-ego, not Jim’s!) They can’t wait to travel to China to pick up their girl, and to visit the beautiful country of China.

Morgan is a minister with her husband… she finishes her sermons on Fridays, is never stressed about stuff at church, and is very good at handling stress. In fact, by some unexplained miracle, there seems to be enough time in each day to get everything done! Morgan teaches ESL to immigrants in Madison, and with people from church, she helps run a coffee-shop/after-school center on the corner of Todd Drive and the Beltline…

Photography is central to Morgan’s life, and occasionally she and her friend Jo Ann are hired (by ?) to travel around the world on assignment, photographing various cities and peoples of the world. They can take their families with the–all expenses paid, of course.

Morgan does not have fibromyalgia anymore, though she remembers it well enough that she is sympathetic to those who are in pain. Nor does Morgan have “non-narcolepsy”. She is only sleepy when she misses lots of sleep. Morgan’s ankle doesn’t hurt either, and actually, she’s quite the picture of health.

Morgan’s house is completely uncluttered… and everything has its home. Her friends live near-by… and if they don’t, Morgan is able to visit them frequently, or host them when they frequently visit. Morgan and Jim have 2 dogs–and they actually share one of them with friends who live next door… It’s a marvelous arrangement.

And as long as I’m dreaming, Morgan’s favorite sports team-the Chicago Cubs-won the World Series last year. And, Morgan plays ice hockey in a local league… and…

ok… so enough dreaming… (partly.)

This is actually a Land’s End Inlet towel. One of the advantages of living in Wisconsin is the Land’s End Inlets–kind of like an “outlet”, but called an “inlet”. And when you buy something there that is monogrammed, you get an extra 20% discount. Fun. And so we have towels and other items with fun monograms. So when I bought this towel, I joked that “Morgan” is my alter-ego. Ah… dream on…

Who needs dip? A new Super Bowl Menu…

4 02 2008

I wanted to go out yesterday afternoon and buy some cool chips and good ingredients to make fun Super Bowl dip… all that stuff. Jim was going to the Youth Group Super Bowl party, so they had some snacks… I wanted some too. (Jen was coming over to watch the game, here, as Roy was also part of the youth group party.)

But I was exhausted. And somewhere between coming home after a friend’s Birthday Lunch at the Nitty Gritty, and taking my nap, I forgot.

Neither Jen nor I are huge football fans. We liked some of the commercials. (Especially the dog & horse one, and the cashews one) We played with the dogs (our three dogs, not the dalmation on tv). We talked. Jen worked diligently on her knitting. I pretended to scrap. And we scrounged the house for food.

We found mini-quiches in the downstairs freezer, a bag of miniature-Reeses-peanut-butter-cups, and a frozen Pumpkin Custard Pie. A-Ha. Who needs dip?

We ate first-quarter quiches, eat-as-necessary peanut-butter-cups… and, when the Giants took the lead again in the beginning of the 4th quarter, we ate “Touchdown Pie”. Later we gave the dogs “Interception Chicken Jerky Treats”.

Who needs dip?

This menu worked–for me, at least. The Giants won! I’m so happy. Just to be clear–I’m not one of these Patriots-haters. After all, I call New England one of my many “homes”. But I wanted the underdog to win.. and they did.

Go Eli! Go Plaxico! Go David Tyree with that incredible grip.

Maybe next year I’ll go on Food Network, promoting the new Super Bowl Menu: mini quiches, mini peanut-butter-cups, pumpkin custard pie…and even some treats for the dogs.

Bears Fan

24 01 2008

Ok, if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, or think that Brett Favre is a god, I’m warning you: you may not like this.

I am not a Packers fan, though I don’t detest them or anything. I just prefer the Bears, and the Vikings, and then the Packers. But I wasn’t rooting for the Packers the other day when they played the Giants. I’m sorry, if you love the Packers, but it was just what I needed, for the Giants to win. I’m not exactly sure why. Anyhow, the next morning, there was a front-page spread about the Packers’ loss.

100_8084_brett.jpgNow, I don’t love Brett either. I don’t detest him. I am just tired of him. And his waffling back and forth about returning or not each season has bugged me. But, I admit that Brett is a nice guy, apparently a very nice guy, and I give him credit for that. And after the Giants’ win, I was very impressed to see Brett approach Eli Manning and congratulate him. Good move, Brett. Very impressive.

On Tuesday morning I opened my mirror/vanity cabinet to grab my toothbrush, and burst out laughing. Jim had taped the previous day’s front page on the inside of my mirror. And it made me laugh, which was a very good thing. Thank you, Jim.

the past week

1 01 2008

Just some pix. I’ve been sick, exhausted, and on vacation. Aside from those first two negatives, however, there have been some fun times in the past week. So here are some moments in pictures…

Sledding on Christmas Day

Our Christmas tree… I love our tree… I’m going to miss it.

Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown, Minneapolis. Best pancakes in the world: Wally Blue’s.

Hiking with the dogs… along the Mississippi River.

Minnesota Wild game… after we won in overtime.

After the game.

I think I’m giving up…

10 09 2007

I love the Cubs. I love the Cubs so much it hurts. But I think I’m giving up, now.. Not on my love for the Cubs. But on any hopes that they’re going to improve. Sigh. It was good while it lasted. This blogger says it all…

Aside from my dashed hopes of improved games for the Cubs, I also plan to write a letter to Human Relations at Wrigley, the “Friendly Confines”, about how rude I think it is that the extremely-well-paid players don’t sign many autographs. Not for me.. Of course, I love it.. I now have Carlos Marmol and Ryan Dempster. But I’m a 37 year old woman. I don’t need these. It’s just fun. But my nieces and nephews? Why won’t the players stop and sign for these kids? It’s ridiculous.

As my niece Hannah said, when we were waiting in line for autographs last week, and several players had walked by us, ignoring the pleas… “Aunt Cathy, are any of them not grumpy?”

I guess not.