Lent 35: Extravagance

19 03 2013

Still reflecting on John 12:1-8. Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet, and, in a move that likely made everyone else tense up with awkwardness, she then wiped his feet with her hair. Lent 35: ExtravaganceHer actions were extravagant. One of the definitions of extravagance is “exceeding reasonable bounds; unrestrained; extremely abundant…” (from The American Heritage Dictionary, Copyright 1982.) I am not sure how extravagant I ever have been with my adoration of Jesus. And, I think, one of the most abundant, unreasonable, extravagant gifts I could and should give to God these days is my time.

Lent 3: yielding my time

15 02 2013

This past Monday my doctor wrote a different sort of prescription for me: “House of Prayer.”   “House of Prayer” is a ministry of Souderton Mennonite Church. I’m not clear how many years the church has done this, but it’s a set up in their fellowship hall during part of Lent. (For local-ites, the last day is this Monday, Feb. 18th. If you can go…. do it!) When my doctor first wrote this prescription, I was excited about it. But that was Monday. By today, when I was faced with a three hour chunk of time when I could actually get ready, drive there, and experience the House of Prayer, I thought twice about it. I was tired, grumpy, and wanted to stay home. But I went. And it was worth the effort. Very impressive. They have numerous prayer stations set up, you grab a matchbook on your way in, so you can light candles at each station…. the stations have various methods of praying–always a scripture or two, with some reflection questions. Lent 3: House of Prayer

Sometimes a bite of food, a drink of water, an artsy activity, writing in a notebook,  sitting and thinking… praying… walking the labyrinth. A family was in there at the same time as me, and two of the kids were crawling through a play tunnel, calling out, “Thank you, God for Mommy!! Thank you, God, for Daddy!!… Thank you, God.. for everybody!!” The kids were also drawing, cutting, holding stones in their hands, playing with the rice table.

I wasn’t able to do all the stations because of time. But I hope to return before it ends. So thank you, doctor, for knowing what I needed this week. I needed to take time for resting and reflecting in God’s presence.