Lent 24: Beyond the playground

8 03 2013

Repentance is a big Lenten theme. To repent is to change one’s ways, to turn away from one’s current way of doing something, and to do something different.  Lent 24: repentance... and meaning it

How do we get beyond talking about repentance as a good idea, as something we should do… to actually repenting? How do we allow God to change our hearts and actions and words and thoughts, so they reflect God more? Too often I think we approach repentance like the playground truck pictured here. It’s fun, and useful to play on, to talk on, to connect with others around… but it’s not actually that useful for anything besides play on this particular playground. There’s nothing wrong with this truck on a playground. I like it. But when it comes to following God, we need to take ourselves out of the conversational mode, and into the action mode.

What would it look like if we were to actually make some changes that we felt God wants us to make? What would those changes be? And what needs to happen, for us to take these changes beyond the playground (as good as the playground is) and into our lives?

keeping busy

3 03 2011

Obviously I haven’t really blogged in ages. I have lots of excuses, and some are even valid. But here we are anyhow.

Kajsa’s busy as ever… so many things, activities, games, sayings, moments.. that I have been hoping to blog. Oh well. Christmas, winter, family, friends, Midwinter Conference in Chicago, during the blizzard, sledding at home, snow, playing games, inventing new games, baking and cooking…. etc.

Snow! Snow! Snow!

One of her favorite activities lately is playing “Airport”.. with her toy airplane, some random animals/people (including pipe cleaner people at times) and some gates–B1-B10. That is, as long as we keep rescuing the gates from Abby’s mouth when she tries to swipe them. It’s so fun to watch and listen, as Kajsa plays “Airport”, lining the people up at the gates, asking the pilot how he/she is doing, taking the ariplane to different places–but mostly to Alaska.

I continue to be amazed at this age–how much like a sponge kids are, how much they learn, and how quickly… and how their personalities continue to develop. It’s such a fun age.


Playing "Airport"

fixing the airplane

Have a little cookie with the frosting!

our little pilot

8 09 2009

Today we had an incredible experience! We went for an airplane ride–in a private airplane. A 2-seater… so Jim went up first, then I went up. And in between, Kajsa tried on the headphones and sat in the passenger seat… looking very cool, of course. Hopefully I’ll post more photos later this week, but suffice it to say, for now, that this was incredible. Fun. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I could have stayed up there for a loooong time. At least I think I could have. Thanks, Nancy and Steve!

Kajsa in the plane