Lent 11: smarter than a GPS?

24 02 2013

Lent 11: smarter than a GPS?Yesterday I drove to York and back again, for a “ONE” workshop, held at St. Paul’s Wolf’s Covenant Church. Great to be with colleagues and their parishioners, great to learn some good revitalization stuff.

The drive is about two hours, give or take. On the way there–no problems. But on the way home, I missed a turn. Or, I should say, I neglected a turn. I saw it… but didn’t believe it. I thought I knew better than the GPS. This isn’t entirely without reason. There have been many times when I have taken a short cut that my GPS doesn’t quite catch up with for several miles… But today, on the way home from York, the GPS was giving me accurate directions. And I was convinced that what I thought was actually the better way.

Not so much. After a mile or two, I realized my mistake, and I then followed the guidance of my GPS. And before long I was back on track.

There are times when God tries to tell me something… and I think I know better. I end up off track, and it usually takes me much longer than one or two miles to turn around. I’m not saying I understand or always agree with the ways God might direct me. But I can always affirm that God’s way still  needs to be my one way.

“Catch-Up” on Lent pix: Sunday..

18 03 2010

Isaiah 43:19: “… I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert…” Far from the original intention, I’m pretty sure…

Sun., March 14th

but I was tired, I was really really tired.. I was later than I wanted to be, on my way to Pilgrim Pines. The GPS was driving me nuts, and I was driving it nuts. I had to keep pulling over to turn on the light and look at my google map…. and then once I entered New Hampshire, I had to stop the car, turn the brights on, and read the signs, to make sure I was going the right direction. When I finally stopped at this signage, I thought I knew what it said, but just to make sure, I turned on the brights. Then took the picture. The way in the wilderness… the wilderness of a long day, a long drive, a long drive after a bad fibromyalgia flare-up that almost kept me home. And the welcome way in this wilderness, pointing me in the direction of Swanzey Lake, and Pilgrim Pines. Where I met up with my clergy women friends of the East Coast Conference.