pictures, part 2

22 03 2010

Kajsa's new easel


a "bridge" in the woods behind our house... and wearing her boots for the "gooey mud".

laughing with Daddy

playing with beans... pouring beans into her plastic cups and bowls, then pouring them back into the big bowl.

joy… celebration… spring?

10 03 2010

Spring seems to have arrived-almost. Enough that even I, full-fledged-snow-lover, am ready for Spring. I got a taste of the warm weather and sunshine last week, and it was beautiful. The spring-like fever grew for me as I noticed the lambs (I think) at the farm behind our yard/the church parking lot.

Wed., March 10th

I actually saw them from my office window yesterday, but paid more attention today. And took some photos. These three lambs jumped, ran, ran into each other, leapt over things I couldn’t really see.. they were so full of fun and joy, that I felt joyful myself. I felt like praising God, just by observing the frolicking lambs. Even the miniature horses seemed to be playful and joyful today.

Psalm 32:11 says, “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart.” This follows verses about living righteously, trusting in God, confessing our sin to God. While I don’t subscribe to the theology of “Trust in God, and everything will turn out well for you”, I do believe that when we are honest with ourselves, others, and God… (confession), when we praise God, when we trust in God despite what’s happening.. when we do these, God gives us the strength to be joyful, to trust, and to keep being faithful.

It’s easier to think these things on a spring-like day, when lambs are jumping, when the weather’s warmer, when I’ve seen the emus, when we had fun swinging with Kajsa, when it was overall a good day. But even if it was a bad day, hopefully I could be glad in the Lord, and rejoice.

west of Cleveland

27 12 2008

About 11 miles west of Cleveland. We’re on our way (driving) to Vermont, and were hoping to get to Erie tonight, but when we saw the weather forecasts last night and this morning at 5:30, we realized that we needed to leavedsc_0371 later, and not go so far. Icy roads seemed to be the theme for Chicago and Indiana. So, we did leave Madison eventually, after trying to figure out what to bring with us for a trip to Vermont, which has been quite cold, but is also turning quite warm this weekend. And with a toddler. Who likes shoes but has no snow boots.. and walks better barefoot.. but who can’t walk barefoot outdoors. And who needs plenty of distractions in the long car ride. Needless to say, the satelite XM radio in the rental car we have doesn’t amuse her quite as much as it amuses Jim and me. I love it. Fortunately for all four of us in the car (Jim, Kajsa, Abby and me), I overpack, and have lots of little distractions for Kajsa. But her favorite is Jen’s bag. 🙂

But I digress. The point is, we’re this far… west of Cleveland, at a Red Roof Inn, which accepts dogs. And tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll make it to VT. More specifically, West Townshend, VT.

This past Sunday we tried to get home to Minnesota to be with Jim’s parents before Christmas. But weather was a problem then as well. We made it to Black River Falls, had to pull over and spend the night, and the next morning we decided –sadly, though wisely–to return to Madison and not head to MN. We’ll have to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa E. after the New Year sometime.

Yesterday was a good day. We relaxed in the morning, talked to some family, opened presents, and visited the puppies at Jen and Roy’s. So cute. I’ll have to post photos of the puppies later. In the meantime, the photo in this post is of Kajsa playing with some of her gifts. She did have PJs on earlier, but saw her Christmas Eve dress, and wanted to put that on. (So why not? Good Christmas Day dress, too, since next year she will have outgrown it.) Then I put a Santa hat on, and she wanted that on, too. Again, good photo op, so why not?

And yes, those are baseball and hockey cards she’s playing with… gotta love it. She was thrilled to find them in her stocking.

Time to go to sleep, so we can wake up and go past Cleveland tomorrow.

Monday night

25 02 2008

It’s snowing again… ever-so-slightly. Kind of amusing. (And now I wish we’d break those 100 inches, Sue!)

The Lent Photos website is new and updated.. updated every night, actually. But the web gallery I was using couldn’t seem to figure out chronology. It was all quite strange and confusing. So, now, here’s where you can check out the new photos each day, and see each photographer’s individual page… Check them out.

We’ve had retired missionary David Wood staying here for the past several nights. He and Rachel, his wife, were in the Congo/Zaire for many years. Even though I never met either of them until a couple of weeks ago, it’s been quite fun to swap Congo stories, to remember some scenes and other things about my birth country.

Adoption update: not sure. We’re now hoping for an early April referral, but we’ll see. Hopefully…

Last week I took a short/overnight trip to Chicago. It was an incredibly needed gift, of being with good friends, catching up, going downtown Chicago, etc. Incredibly needed, and incredibly good mental health break. I love Chicago.

So, that’s the latest from Madison and beyond.


21 02 2008

As in… Madison’s snowfall in inches, this winter–so far. I’m not very popular with this statement, but…. I love it!!!! it’s about time we had a good winter like this. Ok, so, I’ll also be excited to see Spring, but I do love winter. 86.7..

Church Canceled

17 02 2008

100_8658_branch.jpgYep. Canceled. Last year, church was canceled, but we were up north for the Retreat, so didn’t feel the effects of that. So after consulting the other person who arrives early-at-church-each-week, and our church chair, we concurred that canceling was the best option. After that decision was made, it turned out that hundreds of churches have canceled. (scroll down to “Church”). In fact, just about anything in Madison, WI is canceled today–except for a grade school chess competition, apparently. (Sandie’s kids are in that, and last I heard, that had not been canceled!) It is so icy outside, and soon, apparently, it’s going to be turning to heavy snow. Woo hoo!! It’s a skating rink outside–and not an evenly-zambonied skating rink, either! I went outside and took some photos of our yard, driveway, etc. So… today will be a good day to hang out, watch TV, play with the dogs (inside!). Maybe even catch up on some housework. Ha. We’ll see.




Lenten Views: photo a day challenge

6 02 2008

Several people from Arbor Covenant Church are taking a different kind of Lenten challenge: a photo a day during Lent. We are not professional photographers. The photos will not necessarily be spiritual. It is merely a challenge to take a photo a day during this slow-down-season.

We’re posting them on this Mac Web Gallery, called “Lenten Views” … Enjoy. And if you’d like to participate, or post your photos on a different webpage, let me know.

In this slow-down season, it’s a bummer to have to miss Ash Wednesday. Our joint service with All Saints’ Lutheran was cancelled, due to weather. Most services and events in the Madison area have been cancelled… government offices were closed… even Madison schools were closed today! (a small miracle)

So, Happy Ash Wednesday… I miss the ashes, but am enjoying the forced slow-down due to weather.