Retreat at Harbor

21 09 2009

This past weekend I was at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp, in Lake Geneva. Sunrise at CHBC8 other women from church and I attended the annual Womens Retreat. The weekend was fantastic. Great. And a superb speaker, even if I am a bit biased. Karen Hinz, one of my good friends, was the speaker, and did a phenomenal job at speaking to the issue of waiting… waiting on God… waiting with God… waiting with others… God waiting with us…. Way to go, Kar.

Sunday morning I walked outside before breakfast, to take a few photos, and I took this one. Of course, I love to be at Harbor, because of having worked there for two summers, but it is a gorgeous location.

Finally, another post.

24 08 2009

There are two reasons to suspect the end of the world is near: First, I’m finally posting again, after a long break. And second, I made a cake from scratch this summer. But in case neither of these leads to the world’s end, I’ll continue. And since so much has gone on in the past two months, I’ll resort to summarizing.


Iron River, MI (Covenant Point Bible Camp, speakers.);

Milwaukee, WI  (Miller Park, for the annual District Clergy Brewer’s game);

W. Townshend, VT (my home, and Grandma and Grandpa Stanley); and while in Vermont: Weston, Londonderry, S.Londonderry, Townshend, Brattleboro, Pike’s Falls, Newfane…

W. Orange, NJ (to visit the Lehrer’s, friends we met in China.. and one of Kajsa’s “Ling Sisters”);

New Hope, PA (with the Lehrer’s, to meet up with the Robinsons.. another Ling Sister);

S. Plainfield, NJ, to be with friends from Pilgrim Covenant Church;

back to VT;

Madison, CT (to see my sister Susie & family);

Back to Madison, WI.

What’s happened, besides our travels, or as part of our travels:

We realized, on our trip out East, that Kajsa gets carsick. Not fun.

I watched more “Blue’s Clue’s” episodes than I care to remember, on that same trip.

Before Kajsa’s birthday, I made (not from scratch) a cake and decorated it like Blue.

Kajsa turned 2 on July 25th.

On her birthday, I made a cake from scratch.

Many friends and family visited. (Hopefully I’ll post pictures someday.)

I had a hysterectomy on July 27th, to remove fibroids and stuff. (I’m still recovering, doing well, though more-than-ready to be back at “full strength”–someday!)

I went back on Facebook. Sort of. I’m back, but not consistent.

I learned how to knit. Or re-learned, since I had once-upon-a-time knit in junior high… I’m loving it.

Oh, and somewhere in there, Brett Favre changed his mind a few times about retirement. And finally signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

the monona terrace

24 05 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Jim and I received an award from the Madison Police Department. (for some neighborly watchfulness from last summer.) Jim’s parents were here for the award ceremony, too..

from inside the terrace... Kajsa walking on the window sills.

from inside the terrace... Kajsa walking on the window sills.

which was held at the Monona Terrace. Before the ceremony, Kajsa was loving the big “narthex” of the Monona Terrace. And afterwards we walked up to

the roof and took some pictures. I’m playing with the media settings on my blog, and trying to post different sizes.

Kajsa's "reddish carpet" photo at the Monona Terrace

Kajsa's "reddish carpet" photo at the Monona Terrace

family photo

family photo

Grandma and Grandpa E. and Kajsa

Grandma and Grandpa E. and Kajsa

west of Cleveland

27 12 2008

About 11 miles west of Cleveland. We’re on our way (driving) to Vermont, and were hoping to get to Erie tonight, but when we saw the weather forecasts last night and this morning at 5:30, we realized that we needed to leavedsc_0371 later, and not go so far. Icy roads seemed to be the theme for Chicago and Indiana. So, we did leave Madison eventually, after trying to figure out what to bring with us for a trip to Vermont, which has been quite cold, but is also turning quite warm this weekend. And with a toddler. Who likes shoes but has no snow boots.. and walks better barefoot.. but who can’t walk barefoot outdoors. And who needs plenty of distractions in the long car ride. Needless to say, the satelite XM radio in the rental car we have doesn’t amuse her quite as much as it amuses Jim and me. I love it. Fortunately for all four of us in the car (Jim, Kajsa, Abby and me), I overpack, and have lots of little distractions for Kajsa. But her favorite is Jen’s bag. 🙂

But I digress. The point is, we’re this far… west of Cleveland, at a Red Roof Inn, which accepts dogs. And tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll make it to VT. More specifically, West Townshend, VT.

This past Sunday we tried to get home to Minnesota to be with Jim’s parents before Christmas. But weather was a problem then as well. We made it to Black River Falls, had to pull over and spend the night, and the next morning we decided –sadly, though wisely–to return to Madison and not head to MN. We’ll have to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa E. after the New Year sometime.

Yesterday was a good day. We relaxed in the morning, talked to some family, opened presents, and visited the puppies at Jen and Roy’s. So cute. I’ll have to post photos of the puppies later. In the meantime, the photo in this post is of Kajsa playing with some of her gifts. She did have PJs on earlier, but saw her Christmas Eve dress, and wanted to put that on. (So why not? Good Christmas Day dress, too, since next year she will have outgrown it.) Then I put a Santa hat on, and she wanted that on, too. Again, good photo op, so why not?

And yes, those are baseball and hockey cards she’s playing with… gotta love it. She was thrilled to find them in her stocking.

Time to go to sleep, so we can wake up and go past Cleveland tomorrow.

for a recent photo of Kajsa,

29 10 2008

go to Steve’s blog.

I simply can’t keep up. I can’t keep up with all the photos I’m taking… or the thoughts I want to blog… or the stories about Kajsa I want to write about… or my emotions over Entropy moving back to Alaska after two years with us… or how great it was to be at Covenant Harbor for the Central Conference Ministers’ Retreat… or how fun it was to share Kajsa with colleagues at the Retreat… or how meaningful it was to have colleagues publicly thank God for the answer to prayer that Kajsa is… or did I mention how much we miss Entropy?… or the house… or how great the speakers were at Retreat… or organizing thoughts in my mind not to mention as they come out of my mouth, lately… or… anything else, quite frankly.

I don’t mean to complain, or say, “Woe is me… my life is so much busier than anybody else’s.” Not at all. I think much of the world feels overwhelmed and behind and tired and etc… I’m merely stating the obvious reality of my life right now.

So, thanks, Steve, for posting the photo, so I don’t have upload one right now!

photo shoot, and progress report

14 08 2008

The other night I convinced Jim to help me with a project: getting a photo of the dogs and Kajsa. Ha. If my goal was a good photo of all three subjects, it was a great thought, poor execution. If my goal was simply some photos of the three subjects, then we were successful.

It was fun, anyhow. We went to the Memorial Union at UW, and saw lots of people, several dogs, and when the photo shoot was all done, we had Babcock Ice Cream. I love being there… all the people, the sailboats, the water, the sun going down, the colorful Union chairs, the ducks, the ice-cream. Kajsa met a new friend–a Korean toddler whose parents speak Chinese. The two girls were so cute, touching hands together, petting the dogs, squealing and laughing.

The second photo shows one of my favorite Kajsa looks: the furrowed eyebrows we first saw in her referral photos…. the puzzled look… so fun.

This week I’m back at work, while Jim is on family leave. I’ve enjoyed being back to work this week. As part of our soon-to-be new schedule, Jim and I will be taking turns at the office, so one of us is home with Kajsa, while the other one works. Clearly there will come a time when both of us need to be at a meeting, and so we are going to need child-care. But that’s a challenge for another day. In the meantime, we’re enjoying this schedule.

Kajsa’s sleep has been a little less consistent lately, so we’re working on that. She’s still not crawling, though scoots backwards pretty effectively. She loves standing, with our help, and is discovering that her feet can move while standing, too. The dogs are increasingly more patient with her squeals and pulling of their hair when they stand near her high-chair. Poor dogs. They are getting braver, though, standing closer and closer to her high-chair, when it’s meal-time. Maybe they’re getting deaf, because of her squealing.

This week Kajsa also has a new sound: it is quite close to “zha zha”… it seems to cover many objects, conversations, people… She utters “zha zha” when she’s playing with the stacking cups and is laughing… she says “zha zha” when she’s mad, when she wants something she can’t reach, when she’s jabbering away about something we have no idea about.. It’s fun to hear the new sounds, and wonder what they’re all about!

more cousins

3 08 2008

Maddie and Erin have been visiting, and we’ve been busy doing all sorts of fun stuff: Farmer’s Market, National Mustard Day (in Mount Horeb),

eating ice-cream at home… eating ice-cream at the Memorial Union, walking down State Street, climbing in the Union big chair, listening to lots of fun songs, swimming at the Monona Pool, and other stuff. Fun, fun, fun…

Take me out to the Ballgame…

30 07 2008

even if it’s not Wrigley Field. Yesterday was Kajsa’s first baseball game. At Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers). I do love Miller Park, even though I’m more of a Cubs fan. I love the stadium, the family-friendly atmosphere, the sausage races… So, if one can’t be at Wrigley, the next best thing might be Miller Park. Anyhow, Kajsa mostly had a blast at the game. She was a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, but once she warmed up, she clapped. A lot.

Her Aunt Sue, Uncle Bill and cousins gave her this adorable pink Cubs outfit. I bought the shoes last week, but they’re too big. So we just left them on for a photo op. (she takes them off, even when they’re double-knotted.)

photos from last week

27 07 2008

-not in chronological order. But fun, nonetheless.

1. First US Doctor’s Visit. went well, until they had to draw blood, and couldn’t find a vein. Ouch. Horrible. Note the pink bandage tape on Kajsa’s left arm.

2. Kajsa, playing with her very own personal Kris Brown.

3. First visit to the Plaza, Madison. With Charlie and Ken. (Kajsa’s crying because of another reason, not because of being at the Plaza.)

4. Kajsa and Kjell.

5. Kjell, Kajsa, Broder.

6. Kajsa loves her “Baby Scuba Diver” from Will.. and sometimes falls asleep with it in her hand.

7. Kajsa and Sarah.

Easter Weekend

25 03 2008

at the Harmony Bar and Grill


Ice-Fishing, Reflection, Melting Snow and Ice…


Sorting Clothes from Sue & Bill


The Easter Dog, delivering Easter Bags of Candy

The Easter Dog

Hair Styling


Human Head Rest (taken by Jo Ann)


Who’s Driving the Van?