Lent 47: Easter Joy

31 03 2013

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

I realize that not everyone feels this joy today. Not everyone is celebrating the resurrection.. some don’t believe, some are too tired, some are alone and feeling that loneliness… some are suffering through other hardships that make celebration difficult. Which makes the day even more painful–that so many are celebrating, and yet joy is hard to muster up in the midst of some circumstances.

Lent 47: Easter JoyI realize that Easter doesn’t solve all the problems of the world. Far from it. Things still go wrong, awfully wrong, all the time. Life can be so challenging and frustrating and all sorts of … “ing”s.

I realize that tomorrow is Monday, work begins again, the same to-do lists we had sitting on our desks and dining room tables and other flat spaces in homes.. these to-do lists will still be there. And no amount of peanut butter eggs, or lasagna, or ham, or turkey, or whatever… will do the work for us. No matter how creative our dyed eggs are–or aren’t–stuff is waiting for us tomorrow. And even today.

And I realize that in all these situations and in every situation, God is still good. Christ has still risen. And my hope and prayer today is that I, and you, can reflect the joy of knowing the risen Lord, whether we feel joyful or not.

May the Easter Joy bring you strength and peace today, and every day.

Lent 43: Abby

29 03 2013

Just a photo for Wednesday. That’s it. A photo of our aging puppy. Aging, but still beautiful.

Lent 43: a reason to give thanks

Lent 32: not happening

18 03 2013

Well, frankly, there’s not much I can think of to say about this photo, spiritually-thinking… Lent 32: not happeningI took it for some reason. But, as has happened before, I’m blanking on why that was. So, for now, it’s just a photo of Kajsa dressed in a princess/dance outfit, trying to get Abby to come up the ramp instead of barking for me to go lift her up onto the porch.

It wasn’t happening.

Lent 30: Happy Pi Day

14 03 2013

Happy Pi Day

oops.. Rocky steps & more pix

13 05 2012

So I thought I was uploading more pictures earlier this afternoon.. then realized, too late, that only one photo had uploaded. And then I had to head out the door… and then got distracted. So here are a few more pictures..

to blog or not to blog?

16 12 2011

that isn’t even the question. The question is timing… when I think of a good blog post, I’m not near a computer. When I’m near a computer, I’m not thinnking of good blog posts. Someday, maybe, I’ll get back in the habit.

For those who are interested…I have actually been taking photos mostly everyday during this Advent season. Haven’t posted them, but have “written” several deep reflections in my mind. So, one of these days I may even upload the photos, and write some poem or other such piece, as a combined Advent reflection.

But until then, here are pictures of what you’re likely interested in.. Kajsa. And, for some of you, Abby and Jim.

lights on the tree

dressed for Lucia!


feeding the miniature horses

at the preschool program

Happy Birthday, Abby!

7 11 2011

It’s her birthday. Abby’s 13 years old today. Hard to believe. Tonight after supper, Jim and Kajsa gave her a couple pieces of bologna, some bacon, and a special chicken-jerky treat we bought for her.

The photos are all from today–not necessarily birthday-related, just all from her birthday.

Licking out a cereal cup. Don't worry--dishes go in the dishwashing machine, after they go through the dog dishwasher!

Kajsa and I were playing "Blues Clues" game today, and Abby thought she should play too.

Though it appears that Abby is eating Kajsa's hand, she's not. Rather, she's eating the piece of bologna Kajsa's holding out for her.

some birthday photos + 2 more

27 07 2011

Hard to believe she’s 4 now. We had a party on Saturday, at our favorite Chinese restaurant (where Kajsa runs in and hugs the manager and server), with a few adults and kids. Then Jim, Kajsa, Abby and I celebrated again on Kajsa’s actual birthday, with the gumball machine cake. Made to look like a gumball machine, not operate like a gumball machine. Just to be clear.

And the last two photos are from today’s trip to Dairy Queen. Love the shoe colors.

photos by Kajsa

6 05 2011

Neither of the adults in this house told her what to take photos of, but lately I’m enjoying letting Kajsa use the small camera sometimes. Watching her keeps us laughing. Viewing the photos when we haven’t watched her take them makes us laugh even more sometimes. Or even just smile. Here are some smile-makers from a few days ago.

scissors lined up

Abby and Mommy

Abby and Mommy

"I love you....


Easter weekend pictures

2 05 2011

Kajsa and her cousin having fun Easter weekend…..

yes, there was something inside that egg that Abby wanted... a Reeses peanut butter cup