Maine.. Day 6

16 08 2012

Sunday: Open Hearth Inn breakfast, drive to Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Park Loop Road at Acadia National Park…Southwest Harbor, docked boats, seagulls, a family fishing off the pier, fish, juried art fair, Bass Harbor, disappointing lighthouse view, climbing rocks and staircase down the other side–better view of Bass Harbor Lighthouse, drive to Bar Harbor, The Independent (Cafe), wi-fi, conversations, walking along streets in Bar Harbor, town green, Epi’s Pizza-to get spaghetti to go… and a piece of blueberry pie. (Possibly the best blueberry pie I’ve ever eaten.)

Maine.. Day 5

14 08 2012

Saturday. Blueberry Pancake Breakfast at the Firehouse, drive to Winter Harbor, Winter Harbor Vistior’s Center that raises the standards of visitors’ centers, Schoodic Peninsula, mussel shell beach, purple and white and sparkly shell pieces, seaweed, hermit crab shells, water lapping the shore, loons, seagulls, people fishing, next stop= view of Winter Harbor Lighthouse, waves crashing, fun humongous rocks, climbing on rocks, seagulls, Schoodic Point, huge waves, back to Trenton, sunshine, skies clearing up, unusual opportunity for this trip= quick decision to drive up Cadillac Mountain, ordered & picked up pizza from Parkadia, drove into park, drove up Cadillac Mountain, ate pizza on top of mountain, cloud/mist layer covering up view of islands, some clouds moved and islands viewable, bagpiper, bagpiper makes mountain visitors laugh, sun setting, porcupine in the road on drive back down the mountain.
Day 5 pictures:

Maine.. Day 4

14 08 2012

Day 4 (Friday)

Acadia National Park-finally. Even through mist and fog, Acadia is gorgeous. Great visitor’s center before you enter the park, helpful staff, maps, drive along Park Loop Road, parked cars here and there, where people are hiking trails, tide-pooling, checking out the beauty of the park. Rocks, rocks, more rocks.. black and brown, red, grey, slate, white, spotted, layers upon layers… crooked and jagged trees sticking out from the rocks… waves slowly and sometimes quickly rolling in and back out along with the tide… lobster buoys, lobster boat, lobsterwoman, anemone cave, little girl, starfish, barnacles, iridescent tips of seaweed, tide pools, crashing waves… Sand Beach, our rock tower, Ocean Path hike to Thunder Hole/Thunder Flop, “you can’t miss it!”, dogs, Jordan Pond House-eating outdoors, popovers & chili, strawberry jam, coffee, waterbowls for dogs, Bubbles, kids playing, missing Kajsa and Jim and Abby, Carriage House Road and paths, Carriage House and gates…

Day 4 Pictures:

1: Acadia Rock Cliffs 2: Anemone Cave & other rocks, crevices, etc.; 3: My shoes–great buy for the rock cliffs at Acadia; 4: I love this tree!; 5: Lobsterboat with Lobsterfisherwoman (and man); 6: Starfish in Anemone Cave; 7: “Rock Tower” at Sand Beach; 8: My popover (fantastic) and coffee at Jordan Pond House; 9: The Bubbles Mountains (view from our table at Jordan Pond House); 10: Jo Ann at the Carriage Road gate; 11: Carriage House; 12: Iron Hook; 13: Hidden Green behind the gate