strike a pose…

13 08 2010

"my fun dancing outfit"

I helped her get dressed today, choosing the leggings to match the top–sort of. But Kajsa insisted on wearing her dancing skirt. As the day progressed, the whole outfit became known as  “my fun dancing outfit”.  Then when we went to the 4-H Fair later on, I tried to convince her that she might be hot, but she wanted to wear the same outfit–I managed to get leave the scarf behind, though, concerned that my daughter might end up in a pool of sweat… Because, by the time we left for the 4-H Fair, she was sweating from dancing around inside.

the adorable cow and kid

The 4-H Fair, in Creamery (Skippack) was a blast. How could it not be, with all the animals and with a giant “Clifford the Big Red Dog” inflatable bouncing thing, and with the people we ran into. The cows were adorable, clearly.

And, finally, this last photo is Kajsa after

Spelling in the driveway

spelling “Daddy” and “Mommy” in the driveway. Jim took the photo, after she had asked how to spell all these names. Last week she spelled her first word : DeeDee… and then her second: JoJo. Her interest in spelling has taken off, now, so it’s fun to be a part of this learning season in her life.