Lent 29: new creation

14 03 2013

A new creation. Of sorts. It’s no longer new to us, because we finished this DIY project many months ago. But it is a project that created something new out of some things old. It took months to complete.  Lent 29: new creationIt involved washing out coconut milk cans after a homemade Thai meal; painting the cans inside and out; picking out an old cookie sheet to use for the project and collecting magnets to hold the cans to the old cookie sheet. Then, gathering some of the multitude of crayons and colored pencils we have to fill the cans with their respective colors.

For the artistic types in our house, the project was fun to create, and continues to inspire creativity. We love colors here (again, the artistic types at least), and we love the multitude of colored pencils and crayons. And I love creating something new out of something old.

I wonder if God finds similar joy in creating something new out of us, when we allow him to do so?

Lent 17: DIY

2 03 2013

(Yesterday’s post, which I had written… but never actually published.)

I made this duvet cover today for Kajsa. It should be a simple task. It wasn’t. And it’s not completely finished either. I’m not a seamstress. Never have been. Lent 17: DIY winding road But occasionally I think that I can do some project, even though I have no idea what I’m doing. After all, I made a duvet cover my first year of seminary–that was… 1993. Yep. Simple project–sew together two twin flat sheets. Ha. Suffice it to say that I did things in the wrong order, making a simple and quick project much longer than expected.

I do not often say that people deserve their own suffering. And, a DIY duvet cover does not come close to falling under the category of suffering. No way. I do, however, think that my DIY project today became more complex, more time-consuming and more frustrating because I thought I could jump right in and remember how to make one of these.

There are times when we, I, make a mess in our DIY lives, I think. Sometimes. I’m not speaking to the circumstances-beyond-our-control factors at all. In our lives, our relationships and some situations, I think it’s easy to try and cruise on DIY, when what we need to do first is discern and trust God more. Granted, things might still be a mess. There are no guarantees with this stuff. But at least, with more God in the situation and less unnecessary-DIY, we might have a bit more patience and guidance.. Maybe.

(And yes, the polka dot pillow in Lent 16’s photo is from the same sheet set as this polka dotted sheet.)