Lent 37: the Emu nests.

26 03 2013

(Thursday, March 21st post) The emu nests again. A few years ago ago I did some research and learned that either the male or female emu will incubate the eggs, so we’re not sure which emu this is. Whichever it is, s/he has been very protective and faithful, even chasing away the other emu. The sacrifices this emu is making are impressive also–Lent 37: the emu nestsin the past couple of weeks we’ve had all sorts of weather including snow, sleet, and rain. And, sadly, three years ago when the older emus were nesting, the mother made the ultimate sacrifice–death. She was killed by a wild animal (fox or coyote, we were told) while protecting the eggs. Neither she nor the eggs made it.

Last week as I took this photo, I was thinking about God’s faithfulness and loyalty to us humans. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze me. But what amazes me even more is our great, creative God who made it all.

That, and the ultimate sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus, for each one of us as well.

(Note: if you are local, and you decide to check this emu out, please please please don’t approach the fence right by the emu. We have been asked to be very cautious, and only approach from an angle… keep the dog away, and not get too close…. We’re all hoping for better success this year with the emu eggs, and want to do whatever we can to enable that.)

Day 21: emu mud

31 03 2011




Dirt + warmer days awhile ago (not lately) + Mr. Emu walking by his fence = emu mud. Emu mud + _________ (fill in the blank)  doesn’t = much that I’m aware of. I could be wrong.

Dirt + Jesus’ spit + a man-born-blind = a life-altering event.

For a modern-day-paraphrase, try reading John 9:1-41 from The Message.

Caught up… and couldn’t resist

20 03 2010

couldn’t resist

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“Couldn’t Resist”… that’s the name of this photo. I couldn’t resist taking it, and I couldn’t resist blogging it for today. Back to Isaiah, again, Isaiah 43:20… “The wild animals will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches; for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert”. Ok, so it’s not an ostrich, it’s an emu. But emus are also big birds, like the ostrich. This is one of the two emus that lives behind us. I love watching them, photographing them… and I can’t help thinking, when I see these funny creatures, that God has a sense of humor. And creativity. To imagine these creatures “honoring” God is a bit strange… but I wonder what that would look like, and if they are right now, and we just don’t know what that looks like?
I don’t know. But I couldn’t resist…

joy… celebration… spring?

10 03 2010

Spring seems to have arrived-almost. Enough that even I, full-fledged-snow-lover, am ready for Spring. I got a taste of the warm weather and sunshine last week, and it was beautiful. The spring-like fever grew for me as I noticed the lambs (I think) at the farm behind our yard/the church parking lot.

Wed., March 10th

I actually saw them from my office window yesterday, but paid more attention today. And took some photos. These three lambs jumped, ran, ran into each other, leapt over things I couldn’t really see.. they were so full of fun and joy, that I felt joyful myself. I felt like praising God, just by observing the frolicking lambs. Even the miniature horses seemed to be playful and joyful today.

Psalm 32:11 says, “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart.” This follows verses about living righteously, trusting in God, confessing our sin to God. While I don’t subscribe to the theology of “Trust in God, and everything will turn out well for you”, I do believe that when we are honest with ourselves, others, and God… (confession), when we praise God, when we trust in God despite what’s happening.. when we do these, God gives us the strength to be joyful, to trust, and to keep being faithful.

It’s easier to think these things on a spring-like day, when lambs are jumping, when the weather’s warmer, when I’ve seen the emus, when we had fun swinging with Kajsa, when it was overall a good day. But even if it was a bad day, hopefully I could be glad in the Lord, and rejoice.

“Really Really?”

17 01 2010

Really. This is one of Kajsa’s latest phrases. “Really, really?” to just about anything… we’re going to church now, we’re taking Abby outside, let’s go play with your blocks, let’s go eat lunch… frequently the response is, “Really really?”

Kajsa under table

Another Kajsa story: yesterday I saw her chewing oddly, stick her tongue out, and try to take something out of her mouth. She was holding a Kleenex in her other hand. “What are you eating?” I asked her. “my Kleenex.” She said. “Kleenex?” I asked… “why are you eating your Kleenex?”  Another pause..then… “Um… Abby eat paper!”

She keeps us laughing. And busy.

Kajsa and Jim at playground

On another topic, our backyard has been enjoyable. Our  yard (which is the church yard/church parsonage yard) backs up to a small wooded area, which backs up to two cool places: Stewart’s Bird Farm, and a photography studio that also houses some sheep. The bird farm also has farm animals. I thought the big birds we’ve seen were ostriches, but, as it turns out, they’re emus. Two emus. The emus have occasionally approached the fence when we’re walking with Abby, but never too close, and never appearing that interested. Abby has given the occasional protective growl, but mostly, they ignore each other.


But yesterday, Abby paid more attention.  I was a little ways off, with Kajsa, so we quickly approached the fence to see what was up. Abby was intent on watching the fence…. And on the other side, one emu (no sign of the second one) was pacing, growing nervous. I grabbed Abby’s leash, and she, Kajsa, and I cautiously approached within a few feet of the fence. (Did you really really expect anything less of me?!) I wondered what the emu was protecting, then I saw them… two gorgeous eggs! Have you ever seen one?

Emu Eggs

I’ve now seen two, and will post a photo. I ran back to the house, hollered for Jim to come out and grab my camera, so he could hold Abby back while I photographed… from as far back as I could so I wouldn’t make the emu more nervous.

the Daddy Emu (we think) sitting on the eggs