Thailand, Day 6

15 05 2014

Lent 15: almond butter

27 02 2013

I took today’s photo before 11 am.

I wrote my post a couple hours ago. (about 8:30 pm)

Saved the post draft.

Did other things for the next hour and a half or so.

Returned to blogging.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.


I walked away to give the computer time to catch up.

I put my laundry in the dryer.

I returned to the computer. Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.

I washed my face.

Tried to upload the photo to my blog’s media folder.


Figured I’d write a nice post without a photo. No biggie, even for a blogger trying to post a photo-a-day during Lent.

Edited previously written draft of post. Saved Draft.

Tried to preview. (I always do this.)

Tried to preview.

Tried to preview.

Was asked for my username and password.

Ready to give up.

Signed back in to site.

Lost previous tweaking of aforementioned blog draft.

Jim walked in about then and said he thought I should blog about making almond butter tonight.

I made almond butter tonight in the Vita-Mix. It took me less than 2 minutes. No joke.

The almond butter is awesome.

Maybe I should make almond butter more often and try to upload photos to my media folder less often.

Then again, I still have to clean the Vita-Mix.

Lent 4: Razzleberry Pie

16 02 2013

Marie Callender. Ugh. Jim bought this pie months ago and stuck it in the freezer. Safely tucked away so that we could see it each time we opened the freezer… but the hour it takes to bake and the couple more hours it takes to cool to its best temperature… that’s just enough time that when you open the freezer door and temptation stares back… you can forget about it. It takes too long.

Lent 4: Razzleberry PieThe other day I was out doing errands, and when I walked in the house, it smelled incredible! Yep… Jim baked the Razzleberry Pie! Yum. It’s crazy good, if you like flaky crust, berries, and pie. I did not give up sweets for Lent. So it’s not as though Razzleberry Pie should be that bad for me. However I am supposed to be on an “Anti-Inflammatory” Diet. My doctor wants me to cut out as many processed foods as possible, increase lean proteins, high-omega 3 fats, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, etc. And almonds. Lots of almonds.

I’m an adult. I make my own food choices 99% of the time. Including this week, when I ate some pie. I cannot blame Marie Callender, and I cannot blame Jim for baking the pie. Am I allowed to treat myself at times? Sure. My doctor even says so. But a small piece (and a big piece) of the pie might contribute to increased fibromyalgia pain in the coming days… which could make me grumpy…. I’d be less patient with others…. I might end up not being as focused as I need to be…I’d then feel guilty about not doing as well as I should… then feel even more grumpy….  you get the picture.

Can all this actually happen because of a piece or two of pie, you ask? I think so. At least for me. I had my doubts back in April 2012, when I first began seeing this doctor. But experience has taught me otherwise. It also might be fine. But the point is, I made a choice this week. That choice is not the biggest deal in my life. By a long shot. But it is a small choice that could have further affects.

So it is with sin, and yielding – or not yielding – our lives to God. I wish it were as easy as pie. Even Marie Callender. It’s not always that easy. Sigh. Such is life. And, thanks to the grace of God, we carry on… one choice after another, continuing to learn as we go along.

the right T… for Taipei, Taiwan

8 10 2011

We made it. We’re here.

making the steamed buns/dumplings at Din Tai Fung

We’re hanging with Peter, Leanne, Maddie and Erin. Jet lag has been an issue, no doubt. Last night we all slept through the night..

or at least kept on sleeping past 3:15 am. Thankfully. But despite jet lag, we’ve been taking in Taipei, thrilled to be here, laughing and playing with family, meeting new people and enjoying vacation. Maddie and Erin made great signs to welcome us here, and all four of the Stanley-Rainbows have been incredibly hospitable in sharing their space with stinky exhausted travelers!

We ended up

Din Tai Fung

arriving here around 1 pm Thursday afternoon, (subtract 12 hours to convert into Harleysville/Philly time). After cleaning up a bit, and hanging out with PLME (Peter, Leanne, Maddie and Erin), we headed to dinner, at Din Tai Fung, one of Taiwan’s best restaurants, in my limited experience. Din Tai Fung is a steamed bun restaurant, and even holds a title from 1993,

when the New York Times rated it one of the best 10 restaurants in the world. It’s crazy good.

steaming of buns

First, watching the staff working the dumpling dough/skins, pounding..kneading… chopping… filling.. folding… then actually eating the awesome results of paper thin dumpling skins filled with various items including meat and veggies. Yum. Din Tai Fung = yum yum yum.

Friday morning PLME went to school. Peter and Leanne each teach, Maddie and Erin are students, obviously.  Jim, Kajsa and I walked to a neighborhood park. The park reminded us of China, because as in China,

people in the early morning were ballroom dancing, doing Tai Chi, stretching and moving on the exercise equipment placed around the park. Apparently the space where ballroom dancing happens in the mornings turns into a rollerblading rink in the afternoons. Pretty fun. Then there are the playgrounds. Kajsa loved jumping, sliding, walking, and running. What a great place.

Park, Tai Chi








good for the feet...












neighborhood park


Day 2: rust

10 03 2011

Matthew 6:19 says, “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where they can be eaten by moths and get rusty, and where thieves break in and steal.” (New Living Translation)

Matthew 6:19.... things get rusty

This cast iron pan has rust on the outside–of course, we could treat it, so it wouldn’t rust, but then that wouldn’t make for a good photo opp. And yet that’s also part of the challenge, today, with possessions–we have so many ways of protecting them, of ensuring their longevity, of making them more important in our lives than they actually should be.

Not that this aebleskiver pan is that important in my life. Though I love this pan–and the aebleskivers Jim makes using it–it’s not one of my most prized possessions.

But I do wonder, where are my treasures? And would my actions actually match my answer?

(by the way, aebleskiver is pronounced like “ebble-skeever”. and they are Danish pancakes.)