2 Rapunzels & 1 Doc McStuffins

29 10 2012

More Mall-Trick-or-Treating pictures…. this time with Kajsa’s friends.

2 Rapunzels and 1 Doc McStuffins

so cute..

I loved this… the 3 girls holding hands, walking by the stores..

Merry Halloween! Trick-or-treating, and yes, Christmas decor is out in many mall stores.

checking out the mall loot

Maine.. Day 1

10 08 2012

I’m in Maine, with Jo Ann. Here are some words/phrases about Day 1:

gorgeous, it’s been 20 years, lobster, friends, new friends, Jo Ann’s family, South Berwick, farm house, barn, chickens, Logan Airport parking is confusing, rural, peaceful, simple, walking to Hamilton House, flowers, blue heron, songbirds in lilac trees, tiger lilies, sundial, lasagna, relaxing.

And, here are two pictures:


Sundial at Hamilton House, South Berwick, Maine

“T” is for “Tokyo”, part 2..

8 10 2011

But before I move on to Taipei, even though we’ve been here for a few days now, I have to share how much fun it was in Tokyo, and in the Twin Cities Airport, to make new friends. It was frustrating to be delayed, to miss our connecting Tokyo-to-Taipei flight, to miss some time with family.

the hotel reception line in Tokyo... all from our flight

No doubt. Given that reality, however, we had a good time making new friends, learning a bit more about Taiwan from our new Taiwanese friends (Adam, Maxwell and friends), our new MN friends (GI Joe and family and friends), and our MN/Thailand friends Terry who also knows my sister Annie. Small world, great joys in making the most of a tiring situation.



where do we jump on beds? "only in hotels"