Last day of Kindergarten, Part 2

18 06 2013
on... to 1st grade

the “I’m a 1st grader” pose….

After she got off the bus, Kajsa struck this pose… woo hooooo!!! No longer a Kindergartener. On to 1st grade. She LOVED Kindergarten. I loved her class, her teacher, her school… all in all, very excited for this kid and her educational future.

This morning when I told Kajsa I was a bit teary-eyed because it was her last day as a Kindergartener, she jumped into my arms, and said,

“But mom!… It’s a good thing that it’s my last day of Kindergarten!”

“It is?” I asked.

“Yes! It means I get to spend more time with YOU now!”

"Welcome to Summer!"
“Welcome to Summer!”
Balloons!!!!! She loves balloons.

Balloons!!!!! She loves balloons.

Kindergarten, continued..

6 09 2012

A couple more photos from yesterday afternoon, this time after Kindergarten.  Which, by the way, was successful–at least according to Kajsa. As she said, “I can’t wait to go back to Kindergarten! I wish it was all day AND all night!” Hopefully, Kajsa, that love for school will continue!

And it begins….

5 09 2012

Kajsa’s first day of Kindergarten. Yes, I had a few tears… but the kid has been itching to get to kindergarten since late summer, and it seems as though the time has dragged on for her. Every day: WHEN is it TIME for Kindergarten?!!!

It’s time…