Lent 38: all flocks and herds

27 03 2013

Psalm 8. A fairly well Psalm, I think. Lent 38: all flocks and herds

As I was walking in our yard last week, and photographed the miniature horses through the fence, I thought about Psalm 8. Particularly verses 6 & 7.

to blog or not to blog?

16 12 2011

that isn’t even the question. The question is timing… when I think of a good blog post, I’m not near a computer. When I’m near a computer, I’m not thinnking of good blog posts. Someday, maybe, I’ll get back in the habit.

For those who are interested…I have actually been taking photos mostly everyday during this Advent season. Haven’t posted them, but have “written” several deep reflections in my mind. So, one of these days I may even upload the photos, and write some poem or other such piece, as a combined Advent reflection.

But until then, here are pictures of what you’re likely interested in.. Kajsa. And, for some of you, Abby and Jim.

lights on the tree

dressed for Lucia!


feeding the miniature horses

at the preschool program

spacing out

22 08 2011

A couple weeks ago I taught Kajsa the meaning of “spacing out”. She’s used the term occasionally, when she’s a bit tired–and when she’s actually spacing out.

At dinner one night last week, she was not eating her lasagna. She had been resisting taking one bite for several minutes, trying various delay tactics out. It was getting a bit frustrating, because dinner was dragging out. Finally she started staring out the window, and said, “I’m spacing out, Momma.”

“Well space back in, and take a bite of lasagna” I said.

She shook her head no and replied, “No. Once I space out, I don’t space back in.”

feeding the baby miniature horse behind our house


making shortbread

August days

1 09 2010

Abby loves her sticks!

the "minture" horses --some of our animal neighbors

a bit scary, but also a fun picture...

Kajsa on rollerskates... Abby sees her stick

Abby tries to get Kajsa's stick

Abby tries even harder to get Kajsa's stick

Mommy distracts Abby.. Kajsa keeps the stick

Catch up: yesterday

25 03 2010

maybe a colt, probably not

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

A colt? two colts? Probably not… but it’s what I had available yesterday, when looking for a colt. Without my regular camera. So I took the video camera outside on our afternoon walk to the church playground, and took video of the miniature horses (at least that’s what I think they are) at the farm behind the church parking lot.

So, hopefully either the colt was a little bigger than these miniature horses, or Jesus was quite petite.