Peas and Mr. Peacock (but not together)

8 04 2013

Jim heated up peas this evening, as part of our supper. But Kajsa requested her peas to remain frozen and not be heated up. So Jim obliged. He set hers aside, and she ate most of her peas frozen.frozen peas on a cracker She tossed a few peas into her soup, just for the novelty of it, I think.. but the biggest novelty was her new creation: frozen peas on a cracker. Strange, but true.

And, in other news… he’s back!! Mr. Peacock, that is. As I write this, he is roosting in one of our backyard trees. Mr. PeacockWe’ve heard his cawing noises off and on for the past couple of weeks. But today we heard him a lot. The cawing got louder and louder and we realized he was in our backyard again. So how does one respond to Mr. Peacock visiting again? Grab your camera, naturally.

Happy roosting, Mr. Peacock…just don’t wake us up in the early morning with your cawing!




29 09 2011

we built this city... with chalk and water

Mr. Peacock liked our city

other peacocks visiting our porch

box train

1st day of 4-yr-old preschool

I'm a Cowgirl... Yeee-Haaawwwww!

Day 25: a peacock is way cooler..

2 04 2011

peacock in the yard

than anything else I was going to write. I took a few other photos today, with the intention to be theologically reflective about the John 9 text.

But then during a potluck dinner, someone told me that there was a peacock in our driveway. So naturally, I grabbed the camera. From the driveway, to the yard, throughout the backyard, into the woods… and the peacock was returned to his home. No peacocks, humans, or other animals were harmed in the taking of this photo. And no theological reflection took place either. Except awe towards God’s creativity and creation.