Day 41: out of control

18 04 2011

out of control

Out of control. No, I’m not talking about the dandelions. I’m not even going to try to get rid of dandelions. I’m talking about the child’s clothing choices for the day. It was a battle I was prepared to fight over early on in the morning… then I realized, I didn’t need to fight it. As long as she didn’t go out in public like this. Ok, some of you might be thinking, what’s the harm? so the kid insisted on wearing her tie-dyed leggings and other-color-toned-striped shirt…. big deal. Then add the cow gloves. Big deal, right? You’re probably right. (Maybe you can’t see the outfit well enough.. try going here for a better view.) And there are plenty of times when she goes out in outfits I cringe at, because they don’t quite match as much as I’d like… but, oh well. I managed to survive morning.

That aside… what does this have to do with Holy Week? This: the Pharisees said that it was all out of control. Their tactics were getting them nowhere. The crowds, the world, “everybody” was following Jesus. (This week I’m photographing/blogging about a different passage each day. Today’s is: John 12:9-19.) Try as they may, they, the Pharisees, just couldn’t seem to get things under control. This Jesus fellow was too charismatic… he raised that Lazarus guy from the dead, and now, everyone was giving Jesus a parade. What could they do?

As we know, they tried. They tried to get it under control. And they thought they had succeeded. The joke was on them, however. And by “them”, I don’t just mean the Pharisess. I mean anybody and everybody who thought that Jesus was mere mortal, only a celebrity of the weirdest, though most compassionate, kind…

Out of control? Definitely.

The Pharisees had less control over Jesus than I have over Kajsa’s outfit matching tomorrow morning… or of dandelions not coming up in our yard next week.

(p.s. for those who think I should let Kajsa wear whatever she wants, however poorly it matches: don’t worry… some days I will. And for those who think I should do a better job of setting out matching choices before she gets to her clothing drawers: don’t sorry… some days I will.)

Day 24: Persistence

2 04 2011


“Mommy, can I eat some of the chocolate cake?”

No, not yet. Wait a few minutes.

“Now can I eat some?”




“Mommy, can I eat some chocolate now?”

Still no. I’ll give you some to eat in a few minutes.



“Has it been a few minutes? Now? Can I have some now?”

A three year old’s persistence is incredible. And granted, this is a stretch, but the persistence of the Pharisees was pretty incredible also. They persisted in badgering the man-born-blind-who-now-could-see. They persisted with his parents. They seemed to be seeking one, and only one answer: “you’re right, oh-smart-Pharisees…. The man that opened my eyes is, in fact, a sinner…and you’re right, he shouldn’t be healing on the Sabbath.”

The man-who-could-now-see didn’t give the desired answer. He tried to be nice and patient, I think: “I have told you already and you did not listen….” But it didn’t really matter what he said—if the answer wasn’t what the Pharisees wanted, they would continue their dogged persistence.

The man’s answers amuse me. And the Pharisees, well, they sadden me. Because I just want them to get it for once. To actually recognize, and acknowledge, that something bigger than themselves is at work here. Someone bigger than themselves. And I want to see their persistence turned in the direction of how to open their hearts to this man who could make a difference for them as well—on a Sabbath or not.