Lent 27: Detour

11 03 2013

Detours. Some are great, and actually enhance a journey. Others aren’t so great, and prolong the journey.Some are circumstantial; others are chosen by us, or by our actions/inaction. Lent 27: Detour

Lent 22: Bridge Closed

6 03 2013

Major brain fog, once again, regarding my blog. Chalk it up to…. I don’t know what. Never mind. Don’t chalk it up to anything. Just let it be what it is. My own season of bridge closures… detours… things not always working as they should. Such is life.

Lent 12: Winding Road

24 02 2013

This week’s road sign for our church’s Lent theme of “Signs Along the Way” is “Winding Road”. Lucky for me, on our way home from Chinese school today, we saw this sign. Unlucky for me, it’s a bit blurry. Oh well.

Lent 12: Winding Road