Saturday outing in Taipei

10 10 2011

wandering around "Ba de Lu" (antique market)

tea (we think) and teapots... love the teapots

more browsing the market

street signs

Pennsylvania, take note: WaWa, Taipei style

Erin, Leanne, Peter and Maddie in a Taipei park

Erin, Leanne, Kajsa, Peter and Maddie in a Taipei park

girls and their scooters.... ok, girls and scooters belonging to somebody!

the right T… for Taipei, Taiwan

8 10 2011

We made it. We’re here.

making the steamed buns/dumplings at Din Tai Fung

We’re hanging with Peter, Leanne, Maddie and Erin. Jet lag has been an issue, no doubt. Last night we all slept through the night..

or at least kept on sleeping past 3:15 am. Thankfully. But despite jet lag, we’ve been taking in Taipei, thrilled to be here, laughing and playing with family, meeting new people and enjoying vacation. Maddie and Erin made great signs to welcome us here, and all four of the Stanley-Rainbows have been incredibly hospitable in sharing their space with stinky exhausted travelers!

We ended up

Din Tai Fung

arriving here around 1 pm Thursday afternoon, (subtract 12 hours to convert into Harleysville/Philly time). After cleaning up a bit, and hanging out with PLME (Peter, Leanne, Maddie and Erin), we headed to dinner, at Din Tai Fung, one of Taiwan’s best restaurants, in my limited experience. Din Tai Fung is a steamed bun restaurant, and even holds a title from 1993,

when the New York Times rated it one of the best 10 restaurants in the world. It’s crazy good.

steaming of buns

First, watching the staff working the dumpling dough/skins, pounding..kneading… chopping… filling.. folding… then actually eating the awesome results of paper thin dumpling skins filled with various items including meat and veggies. Yum. Din Tai Fung = yum yum yum.

Friday morning PLME went to school. Peter and Leanne each teach, Maddie and Erin are students, obviously.  Jim, Kajsa and I walked to a neighborhood park. The park reminded us of China, because as in China,

people in the early morning were ballroom dancing, doing Tai Chi, stretching and moving on the exercise equipment placed around the park. Apparently the space where ballroom dancing happens in the mornings turns into a rollerblading rink in the afternoons. Pretty fun. Then there are the playgrounds. Kajsa loved jumping, sliding, walking, and running. What a great place.

Park, Tai Chi








good for the feet...












neighborhood park