Year of the Rat? Really?

7 02 2008

Happy Chinese New Year… maybe this year has more than 11 months, I don’t know actually. I haven’t done that much research. What I do know is that the thought of getting our child in the year of the Rat doesn’t sound that appealing. the Rat.. really? Ok, so some have toned it down and said it’s the year of the “Mouse”. Cuter, in my opinion. But let’s call it what it is: a rat.

So here’s what I figure. First of all, rats aren’t so bad. I have friends who have pet rats.. and I have held these critters. Kind of cute in their own way. Then there’s Templeton, the rat in the book and movie “Charlotte’s Web”. I love this guy. So, rat’s aren’t so bad. Second, recent Chinese New Year animals included: pig, dog, rooster, monkey… I like all these animals. But let’s face it: none of these animals have served us well, in terms of adopting our child. So, the way I see it, though rats get a bad reputation, and though our daughter will hopefully have been born in the year of the pig (though it could have been dog or rooster..), the Year of the Rat just might pull through.

Check out the Lenten Views photo a day web gallery…. somewhere on there is my photo of Chinese New Year, at least here at our house. As well as great photos by other photographer friends.