26 02 2010

I’ve wanted curtains for the living room windows since we moved here. There were some curtains up in the parsonage, but I said go ahead and take them down, not realizing it would take me two months to find something I liked in a reasonable price range. But here we are. The other day I bought them. Tonight Jim and I put them up. And whew.. I can relax.

Thursday, Feb. 25th

I have relaxed anyhow, at our “new house”, as Kajsa still calls it. But I like to have windows covered at night. So now I can relax even more. I know, this photo doesn’t really show much… but they’re pretty simple: brown corduroy. Not what I would have thought I’d pick. But I did.

It’s hardly comparable, I know… but I like the image in Psalm 27, of God hiding the Psalmist. (Psalm 27:5: “For he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent; he will set me high on a rock.”) Of course I wish God could literally hide me some days, under his tent. Or behind brown corduroy curtains. And then on some days, I wish God would set me high on a mountain, because I feel so confident of where I am in my faith, my life, my etc.

More frequently, though, I find myself wishing for the big curtain… a big tent, to hide behind. Then I could relax, I tell myself. And yet, I can relax now–If I so choose.  Whether or not I think I can feel God’s “curtain” to hide behind, God is present. Whether or not I think God is actually hiding me is irrelevant–God is present. Not shielding me from trouble or pain. But God is present, ready for me to relax in the knowledge of his love, guidance, and shield.



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